You May Be A Major Dog Nerd If You Meet These 10 Criteria

Are you a major dog nerd? Read this article to find out!

As dog lovers, we often look a little “over the top” to the outside world. There are many things that set us apart from non-dog people, and we are certainly proud of it.

If you believe you’re a major dog nerd, see if you can check all 10 of these items off your list!


1. You Can Accurately Distinguish Dog Breeds

Accurately guessing dog breeds becomes a piece of cake once you’ve been involved in the dog world, but to the outside world, you may seem like strange, dog obsessed know-it-all. If you are able to look at a dog and figure out what breed it is, or what mixture of breeds it is within a few seconds, then you are a dog nerd.

Online quizzes probably take you 10 seconds!

Bonus points if you can guess this breed!


2. You Often Find Yourself Studying Different Breeds Of Dogs

Maybe you aren’t a pro at guessing breeds, but you find yourself studying them a lot! Researching different breeds, their origin, what they originally looked like, popularity, health issues, etc is part of the daily life of a dog nerd.

You just can’t seem to get enough knowledge!

It’s important to understand dog behavior if you plan to spend time around dogs.


3. You Are Obsessed With Dog Behavior

Obsessed doesn’t even begin to describe how much you care about dog behavior. Understanding dog behavior is key to developing solid relationships with dogs, and you don’t take that lightly. Recognizing dog body language will make a huge difference in your life, because you will have a better understanding of dogs’ thoughts and feelings. Knowing what you can about a dog’s thoughts will give you an in-depth look into who they are as individuals.

This will also come in handy in the event that you are ever approached by a strange or seemingly aggressive dog.

Dogs have feelings, and we have proof!


4. You Anthropomorphize Dogs…Always

What’s even more strange than the anthropomorphism of dogs is the non-anthropomorphism of dogs! Scientists and animal behaviorists have proven time and time again that dogs have thoughts and feelings. For some reason, non-animal people refuse to believe this.

You are a dog nerd and a dog lover, and you care about how they feel!

Check out this article for more on dog anthropomorphism!

A healthy dog is a happy dog!


5. You Care More About Dog Nutrition Than Your Own

Dog nutrition is more important to you, because you couldn’t imagine life without your pup. You spend countless hours researching the health benefits of certain ingredients, and appropriate foods for your dog. You care about your dog’s health, and pay close attention to his weight, mood, skin, fur, bowel movements, etc. You are always on the lookout for signs of an allergic reaction, and you would spend more money on his food than your own.

It’s surprising to you that there are people who would even think to put in less effort!

Reading about dogs is your favorite pastime!


6. Your News Feed On Social Media Is 99% Dogs

Dogs all day, all the time! Why would you want to read about anything else?

The world is dark and full of terrors, but dogs will always remain your constant.

Dogs are more interesting than people.


7. You Spend More Time Learning About Dogs Than Yourself

Dogs are much more interesting than humans in every way. They are genuine creatures, who are inherently trusting and trustworthy. Learning about dogs is and always will be important to you, because they are the greatest part of your life.

You would rather read a book on dog behavior than a self-help book for dog addictions!

The more dogs the better!


8. You Are Always On The Hunt For Property To Fill With Dogs

Of course!

Nothing could be better than living on a property filled with dogs! No matter what stage of your life you are in, you will always dream of a future filled with your furry best friends. Why have one dog when you could rescue dozens!

Spending time with your dogs is your favorite activity.


9. You Only Participate In Activities If Your Dogs Can Join

Are there actually people who want to do things without their dogs? 

As a dog lover and pup parent, you wouldn’t dare do something fun without your dog. He’s your best friend and you want to share every good experience with him. There’s nothing wrong with that, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Also, your dog would make you feel very guilty if you went to the park without him.



10. You Would Rather Live Your Life With Dogs Than Humans

You are a dog person, a dog lover, a dog parent, and a dog nerd. Dogs are your life, and you don’t care who judges you for it. Dogs will always be your best friends, because they are loyal, kind, honest, caring, and they genuinely want to spend time with you.

If you are a dog nerd, be proud!

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