Why One Puppy Is Better Than Two


Two puppies is obviously greater than one puppy. Done deal. OR IS IT?

I have a quick task for you, don’t worry, it is an easy one. Ready? Close your eyes and picture the most adorable thing you can think of. Have you done it? Great. It was a puppy wasn’t it? Of course it was! What on this giant rock hurtling through space is more adorable than a puppy?



But wait! What if you had TWO puppies? Wouldn’t that be better and more adorable than just one puppy? Yes. It’s just basic adorableness math, people. Science and whatnot.

Two puppies is obviously greater than one puppy. Done deal. OR IS IT?


Look, we all love puppies and I would wager a great number of us would like to be buried in puppies at any given moment, but when it comes to being a dog parent, one puppy is better than two.

With one puppy, you can give it the attention, training, and affection it needs. You’re life will be far less hectic with only one puppy.


The sheer amount of puppy pee and poop you would have to deal with should seal the deal in favor of one over two. You don’t want to become overwhelmed. You will suffer and in turn, those adorable puppies will suffer.

Puppies are like tattoos, you get one and all of a sudden you want them from head to toe. There are people out there capable of handling a litter of puppies at a time. That is wonderful for them and the puppies. Sadly, for most of us, the idea of two puppies doesn’t quit match up with the reality of two puppies.


If you are truly set on having multiple dogs (and I encourage all who can adopt multiple dogs to do so), try staggering them. Adopt a puppy when your first puppy is out of the puppy stage, or adopt an older dog instead. Sure, puppies are adorable, but all dogs need love and are quite capable of giving it.


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