Why India Proves To Be One Of The Most Challenging Places In The World To Be A Dog

Everyone thought this puppy was dead, even the flies. Watch what happens when his rescuers arrive!

Oliver, a puppy from India, was found lying underneath a car on the side of the road. To onlookers, the young dog appeared to be dead. He was surrounded by a swarm of flies and wasn’t showing any signs of life.

A bystander notified a rescue group in India, by the name of Animal Aid Unlimited, and a team arrived to dispose of his body. When they checked for a pulse, they were shocked to discover that the young dog was still alive. Shooing flies away from his frail frame, volunteers carried Oliver to their vehicle. They weren’t sure if he would even survive the trip to the care center.

This is how rescuers found Oliver.


Once Oliver arrived at the Animal Aid Unlimited Care Center, veterinarians determined that he was suffering from a severe respiratory infection. He was also incredibly emaciated and had a dangerously low body temperature. The young pup had little heat left in his body.

Using thick blankets, the team fought to keep him warm while he received necessary IV fluids for hydration.

Within a few hours, Oliver’s spirits began to lift, showing his determination and will to live!

Oliver was determined to survive.


Once Oliver realized he was going to survive, he didn’t let anything slow him down!

The young pup was fighting to recover as quickly as possible, even attempting to stand on his own within a few hours of gaining consciousness. He was a real trooper.

Oliver continued the fight for months, though his recovery was a rollercoaster. He would have bad days, where Animal Aid Unlimited volunteers believed that his health was declining, but then he would bounce right back to the same happy pup once again. Oliver showed great bravery and perseverance during these crucial months of recovery, and proved to the volunteers that he was not planning on dying anytime soon.

Take a look at Oliver now!

Oliver’s recovery story is amazing!


Oliver eventually recovered from his respiratory infection and gained enough weight to resemble a healthy puppy. It’s hard to believe that this bouncing baby is the same sickly pup as before!

He is loved and cared for daily by the volunteers of Animal Aid Unlimited, and has become an ambassador for the program.

This brave little boy astonished us all!

Oliver’s rescue story has touched the hearts of millions of viewers.

Help dogs just like Oliver by making a donation.


If you want to help dogs just like Oliver, please donate to Animal Aid Unlimited! Watch the video below to experience Oliver’s incredible rescue journey.

Thank you, Animal Aid Unlimited for saving this boy!



Animal Aid Unlimited India

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