Why Dogs Wear Coats (Hint: It’s not Just for Fashion)

Find out why your pup needs a parka in the winter - just like you!

I adopted my dog when she was only a few weeks old from a shelter in Brooklyn, NY. I was living on my own in Manhattan at the time, I had just broken up with a long-term boyfriend and I needed a furry friend to keep me company. She was the cutest.

I thought I knew everything about owning a dog. I mean, after all, I did watch Cesar Millan religiously.

I adopted her in late Spring, so it didn’t really occur to me that I would need extra gear for her come the winter months. On the first frosty day since owning her, I took her out for a morning walk. Several people walking their dogs turned their noses up at me in disgust. “What is wrong with these people?” I kept thinking. Finally, one woman stopped me, looked sternly in my eyes and said, “You need to put a coat on that dog.”

Frustrated, I kept walking. What does she know? A coat? On my dog? What am I, Paris Hilton? The last thing I wanted to do was dress my pitbull mix up in some frilly dog outfit. “Gosh, New Yorkers are so rude!” I assured myself.

The next day, I took her out for another walk, and again was told by a stranger to put a coat on her. Enough was enough. I wasn’t a bad dog owner, and I wasn’t going to let these people make me feel like one. “Mind your own business!” I barked back.

He stopped, turned around, and tapped me on the shoulder.

“I wasn’t trying to get in your business, but your dog should really have a coat on when it’s this cold. You have a short-haired dog and it’s bad for their skin.”

“Their skin?” I asked, confused.

“Well, what happens to your skin when it’s exposed to cold?

“It flakes and gets chapped.” I was starting to see his point of view.

“Mmmhmm. And tell me, do you wear a coat when it rains?”


“How about when it snows?”


“So why don’t you think your dog deserves the same warmth?”

Dang it. He got me. I looked at my sweet baby girl, and felt terrible. He was right. I should have put a coat on her.

Later that afternoon, I did a quick Google search on how the cold temperatures can affect a dog’s skin and ended up on PetMD which said,”The dead skin cells may clump up or remain as patchy layers on the surface of the skin. This problem tends to be more prevalent in the winter.” Cold, dry weather can be seriously bothersome for smaller breeds and short-haired breeds, and a parka can help alleviate the problem.

Now I was totally convinced that my fellow New Yorkers were looking out for my dog’s best interest (and not trying to be rude), so I just had to find the best parka on the market to satisfy our cold winter needs.

World of Angus has the best dog products in the market, and the 5-Second Dog Parka is no exception. It is a must-have item for your sweet fur baby in the winter months.

It is an easy on, easy off adjustable parka ranging from sizes that fit a Chihuahua to a Great Dane! Its Thinsulate chest panel and 100% Canadian goose down filling are sure to keep your pup warm through the chilliest days.

Now my dog is not only dressed in style, but she is warmer, happier, and flake free.

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