When Your Dog Won’t Stop Farting: How To Know If Something Is Wrong


Dog farts are as natural as human farts, and the main culprit is usually food.

Our dog Sam once startled himself awake with a fart. I won’t lie to you, it was hilarious for us. Unfortunately, for him, ever since that moment, farts terrify him, and like a bad fart, the fear has lingered. He will leave the room if someone makes a fart noise with their mouth. It has made having a new baby in the house with a tummy that is ripe for raspberries very difficult for him. I’m not sure the point of that story, but when I said that I was writing a post about dog farts, my spouse requested I find a way to work it in.

Sam and Oscar

With that established, the question is, should you be concerned if your dog is excessively gassy? The easy answer is that for your own nose’s sake, probably. Dog farts are as natural as human farts, and the main culprit is usually food.


Gas isn’t comfortable, so if your dog is excessively gassy, they may be in some discomfort. If you find that your dog is a toot machine, consider changing his or her diet. Eliminate foods that may cause gas (broccoli, soy, dairy, etc.). Exercise also helps eliminate gas. The more active your dog is, the better their digestive system will work.

There are a variety of gastric supplements out there that claim to put your dog’s digestive system back in balance, but it’s always best to talk to a doctor.


Older dogs tend to be less active and more gassy. It’s not their fault and try not to shame them. You wouldn’t shame your grandpa for letting one slip, would you? I didn’t think so. Try taking them on short walks. Any activity will be beneficial.

Just remember, everybody farts, but as always, if you feel like your dog’s farts are an issue, talk to your veterinarian to see if it is a medical issue.


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