When This Millionaire Lost His Beloved Dog, He Decided To Rescue 2000 More

Wang Yan is the definition of selflessness.

A 29-year-old Chinese man, by the name of Wang Yan, suffered a tragedy that most pet parents have nightmares about. Despite being a millionaire, Yan’s prized possession was his beloved dog, who suddenly went missing without a trace. Yan searched the entire city for weeks, hoping to find some evidence that his dog may be recovered. Sadly, he was not so fortunate.

After looking through the streets for what felt like an eternity, a friend of Yan suggest a horrific option – the slaughterhouse.

Wang Yan tends to a dog in need of medical care.


Yan knew the sad reality of many street dogs in China, but never imagined that his dog would end up in such a place.

“I went looking everywhere, but all to no avail. Finally, someone let me go into the slaughterhouse to try my luck there.”

Yan returned to the slaughterhouse every day for a week, witnessing the horrors thousands of dogs face each year. He began to realize that the chances of him ever seeing his dog again were seemingly non existent.

The shelter has limited facilities due to lack of funding.


After visiting the slaughterhouse, Wang Yan couldn’t bear the thought of watching anymore dogs suffer. He vowed to do something incredible in his dog’s honor – by rescuing as many dogs as possible.

With his own money, Wang Yan purchased an abandoned steel mill, and dropped all other commitments he had in life. He then turned this mill into a shelter for homeless, neglected, and abused dogs. Many dogs rescued by Yan were saved from slaughterhouses.

Wang Yan spends all of his days at the shelter.


Wang Yan’s mission is to rescue and rehome as many dogs as possible. There are millions of homeless dogs in China, many which fall victim to the meat trade. Yan has already rescued over 2,000 dogs himself within just three years.

His shelter is located in Helong town, Changchun, which is found in northeast China. This is where he houses roughly 200 dogs at a time while rehabilitating and rehoming them.

Many of the dogs were rescued from the meat trade.


Not only does Yan rescue dogs, but he cares for their medical needs. Over the years, Wang Yan has taught himself veterinary medicine in order to treat sick and injured dogs in his care. Before using treatments on dogs, he tests the products on himself to ensure they are safe.

Yan also offers free medical treatment to family dogs in the area, in trade for dog food and supplies. Every “transaction” he makes regarding the dogs he rescues involves the barter system, including adoptions.

Yan does not charge adoption fees, but asks for food and supplies in return to help more dogs in need.

Wang Yan has rescued 2,000 dogs in three years.


When Yan purchased the steel mill, he was a wealthy man, with little financial trouble in life. Since opening the shelter, he has found himself in debt, spending millions on dog food, supplies, and medical care.

Fortunately for Yan, the community has recognized his amazing work, and offer to help where they can. A local groomer often bathes and tidies Yan’s dogs before they meet potential adopters. He believes this helps them look the part of a family pet.

The facility has limited equipment, but is currently housing 200 dogs.


Though Yan knows he may never see his beloved pup again, he finds comfort in knowing that the dogs he rescues have a second chance at a real family. Yan hopes that he is able to help thousands more dogs throughout his lifetime.

Many people are unaware of Wang Yan’s personal life, as he spends the majority of his time at the shelter, but he is a family man at heart. Yan’s wife and children can be seen at the shelter, cleaning up after and caring for the dogs.

Thanks to Wang Yan, over 2,000 dogs have been rescued and placed in loving homes. He is currently caring for 200 dogs at the shelter, which is equipped with limited facilities. Yan hopes to expand in the future, but focusses on caring for the dogs he has at the moment.

This is a true story of selflessness – a man who gave everything to help those with nothing. 

Wang Yan has dedicated his life to saving these dogs.


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