This Puppy Was Found Injured And Nearly Bald, Look At Her Now

We can't believe this is the same dog!

In January 2016, a six month old puppy was turned into a local animal shelter near Fresno, California. The young pup, now named Colette, was suffering from extreme skin conditions, mange, infections, and injuries. Though no one is sure of Colette’s past, it appears as though this girl did not have the greatest start to life.

Thankfully, Fresno Bully Rescue was able to save her just in time!

Colette was found in the shelter with horrible skin conditions.


Even just from a few photos, it’s easy to see that Colette was not in good shape. Though we don’t know much about this young pup, and probably never will, the look in her eyes tell a sad tale.

After a rough start to life, Colette found herself in a local animal shelter near Fresno, California. Fortunately for her, Fresno Bully Rescue heard her story loud and clear. Volunteers quickly rushed to the shelter and pulled Colette before she could be euthanized. Many dogs in her condition don’t make it to the adoption floor.

Fresno Bully Rescue rushed Colette to a veterinary hospital where she was treated.


Colette was brought to a veterinarian, where her wounds were cleaned and she received much needed medical treatment. Luckily for Colette, her condition was treatable, and she was expected to make a full recovery.

She was cleared to enter foster care and landed a pretty sweet spot!

Colette discovered the comforts of indoor dog life!


While in foster care, Colette was shown love, affection, and care for the first time in her life. She was finally able to be a dog, experiencing all the great things dogs get to do – Like snuggling up in blankies.

It took some time for Colette’s fur to grow back, but she eventually blossomed into a beautiful young dog.

She even found a home to call her own!

Colette is all healed and even graduated from her first training class! What an inspiring transformation!


Colette’s new family loves her dearly. She even has a fur sibling! This photo was posted by Fresno Bully Rescue on August 7th to celebrate the incredible transformation she has made.

“After loving foster care, she was adopted by a great family, and yesterday graduated from her first training class. What a difference less than a year makes.” – Fresno Bully Rescue

Thanks to Fresno Bully Rescue and Colette’s foster parents, this young pup was able to heal, giving her a second chance at life, and a shot at a real family. Her transformation is truly inspiring.

Though Colette’s story is incredible, it is not unique. There are thousands of dogs just like her in the United States, who are in desperate need of medical care. Please consider donating to rescues like Fresno Bully Rescue to help them continue to rescue dogs in need. You can donate to Fresno Bully Rescue here, and check out their Instagram for more unbelievable rescue stories @fresnobullyrescue.

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