This Pit Bull Shows His Support For Anti-Bullying In The Cutest Way

Ontario's Breed Ban can't stop this pup from supporting his mom during the Annual Ginger Walk!

The Annual Ginger Walk is hosted by the Canadian Ginger Association in Toronto each fall. Last year’s turnout was successful, but this year the redheads of Toronto may be fighting off crowds, due to the addition of one irresistible mascot.

Meet Malakai, the ginger bull! 

Julie Lotton – Facebook


Malakai is an Ontario resident pit bull, who is not only a redhead himself, but has an enthusiastic redhead mother as well! The two have spent weeks travelling across the country this year – you’ll get to read all about it in our upcoming interview with Julie and Malakai!

Malakai’s love for his mom knows no bounds, as he returns the favor for her supporting him all these years.

Malakai will be joining Julie and friends for this year’s Annual Ginger Walk, as hundreds of redheaded Canadians display pride for their fiery features and take a stance against bullying.

Canadian Ginger Association – Facebook


Malakai isn’t the only ginger bull standing proudly! This is Josephine and her mom, Kayla.

Dogs are more than welcome to take part in the Annual Ginger Walk and their participation is encouraged.

Canadian Ginger Association – Facebook


If you want to join the Canadian Ginger Association, and hundreds of other redheads and redhead supporters, attend the Annual Ginger Walk. This year’s walk will be held on September 18, 2016, in Trinity Bellwoods Park.

You can read more about the Annual Ginger Walk by checking out their Facebook page, or following the Canadian Ginger Association on Facebook.


Canadian Ginger Association

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