This Is Why Pit Bulls Are The Worst Guard Dogs On The Planet

If you thought your pit bull would make a good guard dog, you were sadly mistaken. Here's why!

Here at AngusPost, we are always trying to debunk “Pit Bull Myths.” Well, here’s a new one for you –Pit bulls are terrible guard dogs! 

You may be confused, due to the fact that you’ve gone your entire life thinking the opposite, but this is a 100% true statement. The average pit bull type dog would make a horrible guard, and we have undeniable evidence.

Not scared at all

They really aren’t that intimidating…

Look at these bumbling goofballs!

And they look even goofier in packs


They aren’t exactly the brightest creatures

Hide yo’ kids!

They will kiss all of your intruders to death

Hi, Mom

So scary. I’m shaking

Keeping the community safe from killer pineapples


This is actually a hippo in disguise.

You are more likely to get a stomach ache from laughing at these ridiculous beasts than being harmed in any way

Workout buddies for life!

Bully Brain gets an A for Effort

Nice try, kid.

 They are easily distracted


So vicious

*internal screaming*

What a menace to society

So, if you got yourself a pit bull as a guard dog, we hope you live in a nice neighborhood! He won’t be scaring away anything.

Except maybe this camera! 

Tuff Guy!




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