This Dog Was Stolen And Used For Dog Fighting, Now His Family Is Fighting To Bring Him Home

Ceasar was stolen from his family three years ago by dog fighters. Authorities are ordering to have him killed.

On June 18, 2016, Michigan State Police raided two dog fighting rings, discovering dozens of dogs, including a long lost family pet. Ceasar was found and photographed by Michigan State Police during the raid, which resulted in the seizure of 25 dogs presumably used for fighting, dog fighting equipment, large amounts of narcotics, and $25,000 in cash. Once police had concluded the raid, all dogs were transported to the Michigan Humane Society, where they are being held as part of the investigation.

Ceasar was stolen from his home over three years ago. Despite endless efforts by friends and family to locate him, Ceasar wasn’t found until police raided these two suspected dog fighting rings. When police posted a photo of a short, chocolate brown pit bull type dog, Ceasar’s family immediately recognized him as their own.

Police posted this photo of Ceasar, a stolen dog, after raiding two dog fighting rings in Michigan.


Ceasar’s owners attempted to contact authorities as soon as they saw the photo, but did not get a response. On June 23, they made written contact with MHS Investigator, Elise Ramsey, to physically identify and claim Ceasar from the Humane Society, but have not yet been granted visitation.

A post from Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue states that Ceasar has now been scheduled for euthanasia, despite not being able to see his family. They describe the ordeal from Ceasar’s perspective:

“Hi my name is Ceasar and I was stolen from my owners a little over 3 years ago.

My owners filed a police report at the time I was stolen in Dearborn. On June 18, 2016 I was seized during a dog fighting raid along with 24 other dogs and taken to Michigan Humane Society by police. My owners saw my picture on the news and immediately contacted the authorities and then on June 23, 2016 they had written contact with MHS Investigator Ramsey requesting to come identify me so they could bring me home. Since that time my owner still have not been allowed to see me and a [euthanasia] order was put in place against me. My owners are still fighting for my life. Please don’t let Michigan Humane Society euthanize me! I want to go home!”

Ceasar was stolen from his family over three years ago. Michigan Humane Society is refusing to let them see their dog. Ceasar has been placed under euthanasia order.


Ceasar’s family is desperately trying to get their dog back, but the Michigan Humane Society has refused to allow them to even see him. Now, he may be killed without a chance to say goodbye!

Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue is requesting that anyone who wants to help Ceasar to please attempt to make contact with MHS Investigator, Elise Ramsey by phone at 313 262 4039.

They are begging people to speak up against this injustice, and allow Ceasar’s parents to see their fur baby again.

Let’s help get Ceasar home!

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  • Thank God here in SW Florida we have Gulf Coast Humane Society! They would NEVER pull this kind of crap! Shame on you, Michigan!

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