This Dog Was Hit By A Car, Now The Deputy Who Rescued Her Needs Your Help

Traffic was hit by a car and needed life altering surgery. With no owner, the community must ban together to save her.

A German shepherd, now named Traffic, was rescued by a Deputy last week after being hit by a car in Augusta, Georgia. Now, the Deputy, the animal hospital, and Traffic need our help.

When Deputy William Geisen responded to a “car versus dog” accident last Tuesday, he assumed the worst. Arriving on the scene, he noticed a dog was trapped under a vehicle, unable to move. The Deputy sprung into action, calling for a jack to lift the vehicle off of the dog. Though she appeared in life threatening shape, her tail began to wag from underneath the car, alerting the officers that she was indeed alive.

Once she was freed from under the vehicle, it was clear to see that she was injured. Though Traffic was breathing, she was unable to move, and in noticeable pain. With injuries all over her body, she needed medical attention as soon as possible.

Knowing that Traffic would be euthanized if turned into a county animal control, Deputy Geisen and others on the scene called for help.


“Unfortunately, the county doesn’t have the resources to take care and fix her. So, ultimately, we knew if she had gotten turned over to the proper authorities she would have been euthanized,” said Deputy William Geisen.

“Initially we started calling around to the other 24 hour emergency animal hospitals in Augusta and nobody was willing to help. We called St. Francis and they said to just bring her and they would figure it out.”

Deputy Geisen and others on the scene brought Traffic to St. Francis Animal Hospital where she has been receiving necessary medical attention. The Veterinary Technician, Cary Head, was working when Traffic arrived.

She had some brain damage. Her pupils were two different sizes. She was panting. Her temperature was slightly elevated. The leg was really the worst of it, honestly.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 2.36.31 PM

To make a full recovery, Traffic will have to undergo extensive surgery on her leg. She needs multiple pins, as well as rehabilitation, medication, and supplies – all of which are very expensive.

“When you get into orthopedics, she needs a big surgery. She needs a pin in that leg. So, it’s going to be expensive. I’ve seen these surgeries done every week since I’ve been here and they do get really costly,” said Cary Head.

The original estimated cost for Traffic’s surgery was $7,500, but more funds will be needed in order to fully rehabilitate her.  With no owner, Traffic’s medical bills will fall directly on the deputies who rescued her and St. Francis Animal Hospital.

A GoFundMe campaign has been created in order to raise money for Traffic’s recovery.

Once Traffic has fully recovered, she will be available for adoption. If you are interested in adopting Traffic, or donating to her recovery fund, please visit her GoFundMe page.

A living life is a living life and it doesn’t matter if it’s a person or an animal. – Deputy Geisen

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