This Dog Dad Serenades His Dog After Near Deadly Scare With Law Enforcement

Dan and Diggy broke the internet with their adoption photo that went viral. This video might just break it again!

Diggy the American bulldog has become quite the internet sensation after his mixup in Waterford Township! Here’s the original story

Diggy was adopted from the Detroit Dog Rescue by a local musician named Dan Tillery. Dan and Diggy made the perfect duo immediately and posted a photo that broke the internet. However, despite the fact that Diggy was deemed, DNA tested, and vet registered as an American bulldog, authorities of Waterford Township insisted that Diggy was a pit bull type dog, making him illegal.

Dan Tillery and Diggy went viral with this adoption photo.


Unfortunately, shortly after Diggy arrived in his new home, authorities showed up on Dan Tillery’s doorstep, giving him just days to relocate his dog.

With the help of Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, Dan’s fans, and thousands of dog loving advocates, Diggy’s was able to stay home until a court hearing could be scheduled.

For now Diggy is safe with his family, and the Waterford Township will be holding a vote to add an ordinance to the breed ban, stating that a veterinarian may overrule authorities’ “breed identification” with DNA testing. This would make DNA testing mandatory for dogs who are deemed pit bull types by police officers and animal control officers. A big step in the right direction for breed identification!

Fortunately, Diggy was able to stay home with Dan until the courts could agree on an ordinance.


Dan and Diggy aren’t letting their impending court date get them down! They have been spending a lot of quality time together making lasting memories. The two are nearly inseparable, and they continue to steal our hearts daily.

Though Diggy’s story went viral, Dan Tillery has an internet following for another reason – he is an incredibly talented musician, with a voice that could melt your heart. On August 17th, Dan recorded a live video on Facebook that may just break the internet once again…

Dan and Diggy aren’t finished with their internet stardom!


The video starts off with Dan and Diggy sitting on the couch. Dan describes that Diggy is always hungry for attention, and can’t seem to let him get any work done. But then, Dan starts to strum the guitar, and serenades a smiley faced Diggy. The love shared between these two is enough to make any person or dog lover swoon. Just look at that face!

You can watch the video on Dan’s Facebook page. The ending is the best part!

The love between a man and his dog is a connection that cannot be tested. Though Diggy and Dan have only known each other a few months, they have become the best of friends, and the greatest addition to each other’s lives.

Dan Tillery, as well as thousands of supporters, will continue to fight for Diggy, his rights, and the rights of all dogs affected by Breed Specific Legislation.

The next court hearing is scheduled for October 13th at the 51st District Court in Waterford Township.

Best of luck to these two besties!


We love you, Dan and Diggy!  


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Photos from Dan Tillery’s Facebook

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