This Australian Tourist Raised Thousands Of Dollars To Rescue A Stray Dog While On Vacation

Jacob Welsh's dedication to animals goes above and beyond in this touching story that saved the life of one very lucky dog.

An Australian man, by the name of Jacob Welsh, has always held a certain fondness in his heart for animals. This is clear to anyone who looks at his Facebook page, which features pictures of the young man with an assortment of  the many animals he has encountered on his travels.

Like most Australians, backpacking around the world isn’t a choice, it’s a way of life. Jacob appears to have spent many months exploring different parts of the world, in search of adventure and adorable animals, of course! He seems to be a seasoned professional.

In preparation for his backpacking trip through Greece, Jacob had no idea what was about to happen next, and how his act of kindness would project him into overnight internet stardom.

Photos featuring Jacob Welsh with animals in Africa – Facebook


While backpacking through Greece, Jacob Welsh was visiting one of the most stunning destinations on the planet – the Island of Corfu. Corfu is well known for its breathtaking views of the Ionian Sea, the pristine blue green water, and historical architecture. However, much like many vacation destinations throughout the world, Corfu suffers from a large stray animal population.

Jacob discovered this first hand, while travelling through the town, when he came across a destitute dog laying on the side of the road. The dog, now named Chance, was found among broken glass, dirt, and garbage, seemingly in desperate need of help. Being the animal lover he is, Jacob couldn’t bear the thought of leaving her behind.

She was very nervous to begin with but once she gained my trust she followed me everywhere. I didn’t have the heart to leave her on the street.

Jacob and Chance spent most days on the beach, swimming in the ocean – Facebook


Throughout his time in Greece, Jacob and Chance developed a close friendship. The two spent every day together, and Jacob eventually brought her to stay in his apartment. He would sneak her in at night and spend the days with her on the beach. He began to love her as his own dog, but knew full well that he would not be able to keep her.

We have a real bond, she is the sweetest dog and deserves the best with life from this moment in.

As his time left in Greece slowly grew shorter, Jacob was devastated by the thought of leaving Chance behind. He tried desperately to find her a home, but had no luck with the local community.

Jacob Welsh couldn’t stand the thought of leaving Chance behind – Facebook


The sad reality of her going back on the streets is becoming more and more real as my time left in Greece comes to an end.

In one last effort to rescue Chance, Jacob Welsh created a crowdfunding campaign through GoFundMe, in order to raise money to transport Chance to Australia. His plan was to bring her home, and find her a forever family.

Though transporting dogs from Europe to Australia is possible, it is incredibly expensive, and requires quarantine upon arrival. Jacob knew this was Chance’s only option of survival and he was willing to do whatever it would take.

He posted this message on Facebook to enlist the help of family and friends.

Jacob’s campaign went viral, raising more than enough money in just 4 days – Facebook


Fortunately, Jacob’s friends and family were more supportive than he could have ever imagined. His post reached hundreds of people, who donated to his efforts to rescue Chance.

In less than four days, the campaign surpassed the original goal of $3,000, and grew to reach over $5,300. This was more than enough money to transport Chance safely and provide Jacob with enough funds to have her vetted and prepared for adoption.

Thank you to all you amazing people for the overwhelming response to Chance’s story! The kindness from friends, family members and so many total strangers has been incredible.

Jacob plans to rehabilitate Chance, and find her a loving home in Australia. He says she is already on her way to becoming an amazing family pet.

Thanks to this young man’s kind actions, and dedication to animal welfare, Chance will never have to worry about spending another night on the streets.

Great Job, Jacob Welsh!

The world needs more people like Jacob Welsh! – Facebook


Photos by Jacob Welsh

Daily Mail

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