This Artist Created The Greatest Interactive Dog Exhibit Of All Time

A UK based artist has teamed up with MORE TH>N to encourage pet owners to #PlayMore with their dogs in this one of a kind art exhibit!

A UK artist and inventor by the name of Dominic Wilcox, will soon be a household name to dog lovers and artists alike.

Wilcox’s latest exhibit is a project based on rekindling human interaction with their pets. The Play More Dog Art Exhibition features contemporary and interactive, dog themed art that is guaranteed to spark some creativity with your pup!

Contemporary artwork features color spectrum suited for dogs.


Each piece is designed to resemble activities that dogs enjoy, like eating, playing with toys, and exploring. Some other artists, including Claire Mallison, Joanne Hummel-Newell, Robert Nicol, and Michelle Thompson, have also contributed their work, which was created to enhance the dogs’ visual experience. Each piece of art is colored to match dogs’ visual spectrum, including blues, yellows, and grays. These paintings depict scenes like chicken drumsticks in the park and letters falling through a mailbox.

The exhibit is sponsored by a company called MORE TH>N, who created the #PlayMore campaign, in order to encourage dog owners to simply spend more time interacting with their dogs.

We think it’s working!

“Dinnertime Dreams” is a dog dream come true. Food and play!


Though the art exhibition does feature traditional paintings and sculptures, there are also many interactive art pieces.

The most popular among dogs is “Dinnertime Dreams.” This giant creation resembles a dog bowl and ball pit all rolled into one! Dogs are able to romp around in this interactive masterpiece, all while playing with large kibble-like balls. There are over 1,000 balls in this 10ft wide bowl.

This piece of art resembles a dog’s love for food and play.

This is truly doggy heaven for most food loving pups! Who wouldn’t want to dive right in?


Dominic Wilcox is a dog lover himself, and hopes the art exhibit entices owners to interact and play more with their dogs.

I think that play is really important to a dog’s mental and physical wellbeing, and I really hope that the artwork gets a lot of dog tails wagging.

Cruising Canines features a cool breeze combined with scents that dogs love.


Other interactive artwork includes the “open car window simulator”, called Cruising Canines. In this piece of work, dogs are able to enjoy the breeze while pretending to hang their heads out of a car window.

This blue, 2D car cutout resembles the perfect travel experience for dogs, including a large fan which wafts the scents of raw meat and old shoes through the window.

Contemporary art has long been an important source of inspiration and fascination for humans, but never before has it been created with a view to drawing the same kind of emotions out of animals instead.

This frisbee simulator is a hit with attentive dogs. Look at that focus!


Another popular piece of work by Dominic Wilcox is “Catch”, the frisbee simulator. This piece features a television screen in which a frisbee is seemingly floating in mid air. This one seems to draw quite a bit of attention from the younger pups, as they could spend hours attempting to catch the elusive flying disc.

Veterinarians and canine specialists were consulted by the artists in order to depict the most mentally and physically stimulating pieces for the exhibit. Each one was created with the dog’s best interest in mind, promoting health and beneficial excitement.

Sculptures resembling meat were also included in the exhibit.


The Play More Dog Art Exhibition opened in London from August 19th to August 20th, 2016. Due to popular demand, we hope this exhibit returns in the future!

Thanks to Dominic Wilcox, MORE TH>N, and many other artists involved, the greatest contemporary art exhibit in existence has been created.

You can learn more about the #PlayMore Art Exhibit by watching the pawsome video below!

1. It’s Nice That 2. Design Taxi 3. MORE TH>N

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