These Delicious DIY Treats Will Spoil Your Dog

Learn how to make these delicious treats for your pup with the help of World of Angus!

Whether it’s a special occasion or just an excuse to love your pup, home-made treats are a great way to treat your special little guy. And give you peace of mind knowing he’s snacking on something healthy!

Using natural, dog friendly ingredients, we are going to show you how to make the perfect Peanut Butter Yogurt Heart treats!

Here’s What You’ll Need

1/2 cup – All Natural Peanut Butter (no added sodium, sugars, or xylitol)

1/2 cup – Plain Greek Yogurt (no added sugars, fats, or xylitol)

Mixing Bowl


Rubber Freezer Tray (plastic may be difficult for removing treats)

Microwave (not necessary, but helps liquify the peanut butter)

Let’s get started!

Step 1

Measure 1/2 cup of peanut butter into a mixing bowl.

Use all natural peanut butter with low sodium and sugar. Make sure there’s no Xylitol!


Step 2

Microwave the peanut butter for 20 seconds, or until it becomes a creamy consistency.

If you don’t have access to a microwave, you can always try heating the peanut butter up in a pot on the stove or use room temperature smooth peanut butter.


Step 3

Drizzle the peanut butter into the treat tray. Fill each section half way.

Now you have completed the peanut butter portion of this recipe. Rinse your mixing bowl well and continue with the next step!

Fill each treat cup equally!


Step 4

Measure 1/2 cup of yogurt into a mixing bowl. Stir until the yogurt is a creamy consistency.

Greek Yogurt is a great source of fat for dogs. Choose one that is low sugar and sodium.


Step 5

Fill the remaining half of the treat tray cups with the yogurt. Make sure each one is equally filled to the top. This will help the treats freeze equally.

Fill each treat cup equally with yogurt.


Step 6

Place your filled treat tray in the freezer for two hours or more until the treats are frozen solid.

Freeze until solid.


Step 7

Remove tray from freezer and let it sit for a few minutes. Now you are able to remove the treats from the tray and serve to your pup!

Remove from freezer and serve!



Remember, peanut butter and yogurt are high in calories and fat. Be sure to give these to your pup as a treat or light snack. Limit him to one or two per day to avoid stomach upset.



Watch our step by step video below on how to make Peanut Butter Yogurt Hearts, and follow World of Angus on YouTube for more pawsome tutorials!


1. World of Angus YouTube

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