These Are The Top 4 Veggie Dog Foods That Are Totally Trendy Right Now

These snacks are cruelty free, so you can feel good about what you feed your pup!

We recently published an article called, “Is It Okay For Dogs To Be Vegan?” We talked about dogs who would benefit from a vegetable based diet, including those who have allergies to meat proteins. We discussed some of the benefits of a vegetable based diet for dogs who are unable to get nutrients from meat, as well as a few meat-free alternative dog diets on the market.

There are many vegetable based diets available for dogs, but only a handful that are considered to be adequately healthy. Here are the top five veggie diets for dogs that are trending right now!

For dog owners considering making the vegan or vegetarian switch, it is important to remember that your veterinarian is your dog’s best friend in health! Be sure to consult a veterinarian or canine nutrition specialist before removing meat from your dog’s diet.  

1. Honest Kitchen – Base Mix

Honest Kitchen Base Mix comes in two different formulas: Preference and Kindly!

Guaranteed Analysis

Minimum Protein: 12%

Crude Fat: 8.4%

Crude Fibre: 10%

Honest Kitchen Base Mix is an excellent start to a vegetable based diet. This formula is gluten, grain, and meat free, meaning that it is not only 100% vegan, but it does not contain any grains or fillers! This dehydrated vegetable mix is balanced, healthy, and comes in a compact box. All you need to do is add water and a little bit of protein. Many pup parents choose to add a high fat product like Greek yogurt, to ensure that their dogs maintain a healthy weight.

Honest Kitchen Base Mix can be purchased through multiple pet stores or online!

2. V-Dog – Kibble

V-Dog is the most popular canine vegan diet on the market!

Guaranteed Analysis

Minimum Protein: 24%

Crude Fibre: 4.70%

Crude Fat: 9%

V-Dog is the most popular meat free dog food on the market to date. Though this formula is only available in the continental United States, it has quickly reached the top of the vegan food chain among pet owners. The guaranteed analysis states that the formula holds 24% protein. That’s impressive, considering many meat based dog foods are within a few percentage points of that range!

The second and fourth ingredients in the V-Dog dry kibble formula are grain based. So, this is not a suitable alternative for dogs with allergies to grain! 

3. Halo – Vegetable Garden Medley

Halo vegan formulas come in dry and canned options.

Guaranteed Analysis

Minimum Protein: 20%

Crude Fibre: 8.5%

Crude Fat: 10%

Halo Vegan Garden Medley is a rice free, wheat free, meat free alternative for dogs. The majority of the same essential nutrients required for dogs can be found in this diet, including carbohydrates, fibre, and antioxidants. The protein analysis is lower than other vegan diets, meaning you may need to feed your dog larger quantities in order to retain necessary amounts of protein. However, the fat content is higher than other vegan diets, which can assist with maintaining weight.

This is not a gluten or grain free recipe, and should not be fed to gluten or grain intolerant dogs.

4. Natural Balance – Vegetarian Formula

Natural Balance’s Vegetarian Formula is very popular among North American pet parents!

Guaranteed Analysis

Minimum Protein: 18%

Crude Fibre: 4.0%

Crude Fat: 8%

Natural Balance’s Vegetarian Dry Formula is incredibly popular among dog parents in Canada! Many pup parents prefer to feed this diet over meat-based diets, substituting essential protein with other sources. This formula is appropriate for dogs who are able to maintain their health on a grain based diet.

The protein, fat, and fibre contents are much lower than other vegetarian formulas. So, it is important to provide other sources of nutrients as well! 

There are many vegan dog treats available for pup parents!

Vegan Dog Treats

Wether your dog is enjoying a vegetable based diet or not, all dogs benefit from vegan treats! Replacing meat based treats with vegan ones ensures that your dog is not consuming extra unnecessary calories, and prevents stomach upset from mixed meat proteins.

Many dog parents prefer to give their dogs vegetables or fruit as treats (dog parents like me!) but there are many meat free dog treats available for purchase!

Most pet stores, including the larger corporations, carry vegetable based dog treats. There are veggie alternatives available almost everywhere. You just have to know how to read the label. Look for treats marked “gluten, grain, or meat free” and read the package to ensure that there are only whole ingredients used in the treats.

V-Dog and Natural Balance have their own veggie friendly treats as well! We love Crump’s Naturals Sweet Potato Chews! Made from Ontario grown sweet potatoes.

Consult with a veterinarian or canine nutrition specialist before removing meat from your dog’s diet!


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