These Are The Top 10 Dog Costumes Trending For Halloween 2016

Looking for an amazing costume idea for Halloween this year? Check out this article!

To many people in North America, Halloween is the greatest unofficial holiday of all time. Even dog lovers get in on the action!

Some of the best costumes we see each year are worn by dogs, and we can guarantee that this year won’t be an exception. With hit TV shows, latest trends, and a never-ending love for food, dog costumes for Halloween 2016 are going to be off the hook!

Let’s take a look at some of the pawsome dog costumes you’ll be sure to see this year.

These crime fighting pups aren’t something to bark at.


1. Super Heroes – Marvel vs. DC

Super heroes have always been cool, but with new super hero movies coming out each year, dog lovers are sure to take part in this trend. Expect to see dogs dressed as Avengers, Justice League, and Suicide Squad heroes and villains this Halloween!

You can find lots of great super hero dog costumes online, or simply make your own.

The Pug’s Watch.


2. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones has been popular for quite a few years now, but it feels like the show’s viewers really skyrocketed this past season. Dogs and kids named after the iconic characters seem to be popping up everywhere. We believe this Halloween will be featuring quite a few Khals and Khaleesis.

But maybe we know nothing, John Snow?

This pup looks like he stepped right out of Terminus!


3. Walking Dead

Walking Dead’s cliffhanger finale last season had everyone nervous and riddled with anxiety. Who died?! 

Good thing the show is coming back just in time for Halloween! The next episode will air during the month of October. This is definitely going to spark some creativity for pup parents this year.

If you are going to dress your dog up as a zombie, be sure to use animal safe products!

Cue orchestral music.


4. Star Wars

Star Wars made a huge comeback last year with their new film and fans can expect even more in the future. The Star Wars fandom has always been dedicated and ever-growing, but the new films have sparked interest in younger generations.

Pup parents will definitely be showing off their undying love for the Star Wars films this Halloween.

Star Wars fans have the best costumes!

Now these dogs are just making us look bad.


Sherlock Bones.


6. Other TV Show Characters: Sherlock, Minions

TV shows have always been great inspiration for Halloween costumes and there are hundreds to choose from. We believe we will be seeing many dogs dressed up as our favorite characters from various shows, whether they be new, old, popular, or underground.

No matter how much you dislike Minions, you can’t deny that these dogs look adorable!

Inaudible babbling.


Pugkin Donuts


7. Food

Food is possibly the best and most hilarious thing to dress your dog up as. Millennials are expressing their love for food in a way no generation has before. This will have a fantastic effect on their Halloween costume choices this year – and on their dogs!

Dressing up as pizza is way better than dressing up as a princess!

Jurassic Bark


8. Dinosaurs & Mythical Creatures

Dinosaurs will always be cool. End of story. We vote everyone dresses their dogs up as dinosaurs this year.

Mythical creatures are also a great costume idea for pet parents. You could dress your dog up as a unicorn, a pegasus, a centaur, a satyr. Just pick up an old mythology book and choose a costume that looks easy to make and suits your dog’s personality.

Check out this awesome three headed dog!

This dog is guarding the gates to the food pantry.


Show off your dog’s class by dressing him in some fine children’s clothes.


9. Humans at Work

Dogs dressed as humans will always be hilarious, and Halloween 2016 is the year to show off your sense of humor. If you want to give everyone a great laugh and end the night with possibly the cutest photos of all time, dress your dog up as a human.

The best way to dress your dog as human is to think of a job title. For example, the dog above is a business man or a lawyer. Find some old clothes – or purchase children’s clothes – and suit your pup up! There are endless possibilities for this costume!

The beginnings of a biker gang. Watch out lemonade stands!


10. Couples Costumes

Couples costumes aren’t just for humans! Pulling off a couples costume with your dog is a true talent that we hope to see mastered this Halloween.

What’s even better than dressing up with your dog, however, is dressing your child up with your dog! These children and dog costumes are honestly the cutest things we’ve ever seen.

These little plumbers could break your heart!


Saving the best for last…


“Laugh it up, fuzzball!”


Do you have any Halloween 2016 costume ideas? Share them below!

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