There Is Now A Beer Designed Specifically For Dogs

While we're out and about with our canine companions, they should be able to enjoy a drink quite like ours.

On days hot as these, a beer is quite fitting as the go-to drink for relaxation. While we’re out and about with our canine companions, they should be able to enjoy a drink like ours.

You know you shouldn’t be giving beer to your dog though. Human livers are stronger, and break down the ingredients differently than dogs’ livers. They aren’t able to metabolize the alcohol and it can even cause violent reactions in our puppy pals.

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A handy resource to have bookmarked, Can I Give My Dog states, “No matter how much they beg, alcoholic beverages should be off limits to pets.”

And then Woof and Brew releases a beer made specifically for dogs.

Woof and Brew's beer for dogs.
Woof and Brew’s beer for dogs.

The brew itself has no alcohol or carbonation. Mixed well with chicken-flavoring, the ingredients include barley malt, dandelion, and flax. If you haven’t had your beer with chicken-flavoring,  you’re missing out.

With hopes of recreating the beer having experience, the beer comes in a glass bottle with a twist-off lid.

Woof and Brew has been making dog drinks since 2013, starting with tonics and teas. This is their first shot at a dog beer, with goals targeting healthier lifestyles for dogs.

Steve Bennet, the managing director of U.K.-based Woof and Brew believes that “all of this is linked to the humanization of our pets, and ensuring that what we feed them is healthy, not just something we’ve designed for ourselves and hope is healthy for dogs.”

As much as this seems like a funny idea, nothing seems more pleasurable than enjoying the sun with your pup and a beer, you both can share… maybe.


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