The 10 Dog Breeds Most Likely To Be Stolen

Having something stolen is always devastating...and even more so when the thing being taken from you is a beloved family member.

Dog-napping is on the rise, according to the American Kennel Club, and sadly, they are pretty much always stolen for money. The top reasons being: breeding them for more puppies to sell, re-selling the dog itself as a pet to someone else, or even more horrifyingly, to illegal dog fighting operations.

Though any dog can be a target, some breeds are more desirable to dog thieves than others, and it’s important to know if your pup is on the list, so you can be extra careful and vigilant with your beloved pet.


1. Yorkshire Terrier

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These little cuties are one of the small dog breeds on the list. Obviously the smaller the dog, the easier it is to pick up and hide in a jacket and take off without detection. Yorkies are also expensive little pups, which can fetch a price of up to $2500 from unsuspecting buyers who aren’t doing their due diligence and adopting, or going to a reputable breeder.

2. Pomeranian

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The little guys are the easiest to take! Poms are also very expensive dogs and can often sell for up to $3000. Since they are so expensive, people may tend to try buying them online for a slightly cheaper price, so dog re-sellers know they can easily find someone to buy a stolen one.


3. Chihuahua

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Chihuahuas are also small and easy to steal, can fetch a good price and are a very popular breed, as they are small and cute. They are reportedly the most stolen breed in the US in recent years! They can be timid and afraid of strangers, and they are feisty and fiercely loyal so they may put up a fight when snatched!


4.  French Bulldog

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These squishy-faced cuties are super popular amongst dog owners, and thus, also amongst dog thieves! They can re-sell for up to $4000, so it’s no wonder they often get nabbed.


5. Boston Terrier

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Bostons are small and very popular. Since they are calm, quiet, super friendly and sociable, it is easy for dog-nappers to befriend them and take them away without a fight. Puppies are often sold for $2000, so they are definitely an easy target.


6. Maltese

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These little cuties are very similar to their small dog friends above: little, friendly, and easy to take. They can also be sold for up to $2500, which is one of the main reasons they are so popular among thieves.


7. German Shepherd

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German Shepherds are a very popular breed. They are bigger, so they can be used by dogfighters or re-sold to a new owner. Knows as loyal, good guard dogs, they are highly sought after and thus can be sold for up to $2500.


8. Labrador Retriever

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These pups are always super popular…they are the most popular breed of dog in the US today! They are super friendly and are great family dogs who will adjust to life with a new family easily, so this means that there are lots of them around to steal and they are always in high demand, so selling them for up to $2000 is incredibly easy.


9. Labradoodle

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Labradoodles are a mix of two incredibly popular dogs, so of course they are popular with owners and thieves alike. Labradors have always been one of the most popular dogs, and once you mix them with the hypoallergenic poodle you have a pretty perfect pet for a lot of families. They are around $2000, so they are really perfect targets.


10. Pit Bull

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These lovely, gentle, caring dogs are often mis-stereotyped as being ferocious. Though they are naturally quite lovely, loyal dogs who are good with children, they are very strong and muscular, and can certainly be trained to be vicious. Unfortunately, most stolen pit bulls are sold and used for dog fighting, which is an awful fate for any pup.



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