Show Off Your Rockstar Dog With This One Of A Kind DIY Pawtograph

Help show off your dog's rockstar status with this DIY project!

If your dog is a superstar like ours, a framed pawtograph could be the best piece of art possible. This artwork will have all your friends talking about how cool your dog is, giving him the recognition he truly deserves.

After all, he’s pretty rad.

What You’ll Need

1 Blank Piece of Paper (preferably thick, like card stock)

1 Permanent Marker

Non-Toxic Paint

Mixing Bowl

Picture Frame

Everything you need can be purchased from your local dollar store.


Step 1

Using a permanent marker of your choosing, write your dog’s name on a blank piece of paper.

Permanent marker will write on the blank page nicely


Step 2

Pour some non-toxic paint into a mixing bowl, just enough to cover the pad of your dog’s paw.

Use non-toxic, child safe paint.


Step 3

Gently press your dog’s paw into the paint. Try not to get the paint in his fur or elsewhere on his body.

If your dog doesn’t like his feet being touched, this is not the project for you!

Try not to get paint on your dog’s fur, and wash immediately after the project is complete.


Step 4

Take your dogs freshly painted paw, and press onto the blank paper. Repeat this step for a thicker print!

Be gentle with your dog. Make sure he’s comfortable with you touching his feet.


Step 5

Set the pawtograph on a flat surface to dry. This may take a few minutes.

Your pawtograph should look something like this!


Step 6

Once the pawtograph dries, place it in a frame of your choosing. A solid black frame will accent the paw print, and look classy in any home.

The end result should look like this!

All done! Now your dog is a certified rockstar.


Watch our step by step tutorial below, and be sure to check out World of Angus’s YouTube for more fantastic DIY projects!

World of Angus YouTube

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