Senior Pit Bull Went From Death Row To Being A Cherished Purse Dog

After his senior owner couldn't care for him anymore, Frankie faced euthanasia for being a senior dog.

After his senior owner could no longer care for him, Frankie was sent to the Washington Humane Society to be euthanized, so he wouldn’t suffer in the shelter. He didn’t think anyone would want Frankie – but he couldn’t have been more wrong!

After the Washington Humane Society refused to euthanize Frankie, they convinced the owner to let him have a go at finding a new family. They then reached out to Susie’s Senior Dogs to help get the word out about Frankie’s dire situation.

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That’s when Angela saw Susie Senior Dog’s post. Angela had recently lost her 15-year-old Pit Bull named Reese and could definitely identify with Frankie’s need for a home. She thought Frankie might be Reese’s long lost “little brother.”

Frankie and Angela live in Washington, DC and Frankie loves to ride in her duffle bag. It means he can take Uber rides with Angela and go anywhere he wants!

Frankie’s former owner is being made aware of his new and exciting life – how heartwarming is that? You can follow Frankie’s new adventures on Instagram at

1. Susie’s Senior Dogs 2. Instagram

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