Senior Dog Rescued From Korean Meat Farm Is Looking For Her Forever Home

This beautiful girl deserves a second chance after her rough start to life!

There is much controversy behind the dog meat farms in Asia, especially among North American dog parents. Thinking about the topic often upsets many of us and is usually one that is avoided in every day conversation.

However, for many dogs like Bori, the subject is all too real, and unforgettable.

Bori is a Pug/Chihuahua cross, who is currently under the care of a dog rescue group in Toronto, Ontario. Though her age is undetermined, her rescuers believe that she is between the ages of six and eight years old. Her life experience has caused her to grey quite quickly. 

Bori was rescued from a dog meat farm somewhere in South Korea by a rescue group called Coveted Canines Rescue. She is now safe in Canada, receiving medical treatment, care, and of course, lots of love until she can find her forever home.

Bori – Coveted Canines Rescue


When you bend over to say hello to Bori, her entire body wags with joy.

Bori is described as sweet, sensitive, and kind. She is famous for her full body wiggles!

“Sweet Bori is an 8 yr old Chug (chihuahua/pug) who loves people so much that she stops to gaze into the eyes of every one she encounters! When you bend over to say hello to Bori, her entire body wags with joy. It’s like every person she meets is Ryan Gosling to her! Bori is an exceptional cuddler, and would rather spend time cuddling on your lap and hanging out with you than exercising outside. She loves other dogs and is cat friendly, too.” – Coveted Canines Rescue

Due to Bori’s past, she doesn’t quite know how to be a dog. She is slowly learning the ways of house dog life, but it may take her some time to grow accustomed to a new family.

Bori does need some support to ease into life as a beloved family pet. She spooks easily, and needs encouragement to let herself play and be a doggie!

Bori – Coveted Canines Rescue


Unfortunately, Bori was recently diagnosed with heartworm, and will require some dental work. Don’t worry, Coveted Canines Rescue has her covered!

Bori is also being treated for heartworm and requires a dental. CCR is currently fundraising for her medical treatments – so there is no cost related to these treatments for her future adopter.

If you are interested in giving this sweet girl a second chance at life, please contact Coveted Canines Rescue at

You can learn more about Bori through her bio on the Coveted Canines website!

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