Protecting Your Dog from the Cold

As weather patterns get unpredictable, it’s important to know how to protect your dog in case temperatures drop below what is comfortable. Just as with their owners, dogs can get dry and itchy skin in the winter, and if they aren’t adequately protected they can be at risk of frost bite, especially on their ears, tail, and feet. Because you never really know when the next polar vortex will happen, as an owner you should be prepared with the right knowledge and gear to keep your special little fur-ball safe and comfortable. Here are a few ways you can do that:

1. Bring your dog inside

Especially if your dog is an outdoor one, make sure you have a warm and cozy sleeping space for them. If you just let your dog roam around the backyard most days, make sure your home is equipped with toys so your pup doesn’t get bored.

2. Skip a bath

Washing your dog strips away the natural oils from his/her skin and coat, leaving it dry until they get replenished. Leaving a little more time between baths will prevent your dog from getting dry, itchy, and irritated. When you do give them a bath, though, be sure to towel them off and keep them warm and indoors until they’re 100% dry. You should also use high quality shampoos that aren’t abrasive and harsh. Our shampoos have hydrating aloe vera and olive oil, and we only use essential oils to naturally scent them, using no harsh chemicals.

3. Don’t leave your dog in the car

Leaving your doggo in the car in the winter is just as dangerous as leaving them in the car during a heatwave. If you know you’re going somewhere that doesn’t allow dogs inside, leave your pup at home.

4. Get the right gear

Dog paws are more sensitive to cold than you night think, and are often one of the first places that can get frostbite. Though your dog may put up a fuss when you try to put his/her little booties on, it’s highly important that you have warm and waterproof footwear for your dog.

Keeping their core warm will make sure their extremities stay at a reasonable temperature as well, so it’s necessary to get your dog a coat. Not convinced? Take a look at this post where we explain why your dog really needs a jacket. Our coats are not only snow and waterproof, but they’re made of Canadian goose down and have a microfleece lining. We’re so confident in the quality, that we’ve given all of our customers a 5-year warranty. It’s truly the best way to keep your dog warm in the great outdoors this winter.

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Protecting Your Dog from the Cold

As weather patterns get unpredictable, it's important to know how to protect...
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