Poll Finds That People Really Do Love Their Dog More Than This

The answer may surprise you!

A poll was taken in British Columbia, Canada, to find out how truly devoted dog parents were to their pups. In a survey using 879 participants, dog owners were asked who they cared about more: their dog or their spouse. Insights West surveyed participants from July 24 – 29, 2016, and discovered shocking results.

According to the general public of dog owners, 54% admitted that they loved their dog more than their spouse! As well, 99% stated that they consider their dogs part of their family. Apparently 1% of dog parents are crazy. 

The survey also concluded that 80% of dog parents would not marry or even date someone that did not like their dog. We agree! You can read more in our article: “Don’t Date Someone Who Refuses To Love Your Dog!”

Fortunately for dog lovers, 73% of non-dog owners stated that they would be perfectly happy dating someone who had a dog, giving some of us pup parents hope!

Looks like dog parents really do love their dogs more than their partners!


The survey also touched on a pretty common issue with pet parents. As dog lovers, we spend a lot of time caring for our fur-kids. Sometimes, this means missing out on parties, events, or even regular hangouts with friends. Why would we want to do things without our dogs anyways? 

The survey asked parents if they had ever, “missed out on an event because there was nobody who could take care of [their] dog.” According to 58% of dog owners, sitters are not easy to come by! Over half of all dog parents surveyed stated that they had chosen to stay home rather than leave their dog alone to attend an event.

Controversy in the Questioning?

Insights West wanted to shed some light on other dog parenting issues as well, asking dog owners and non-dog owners some questions about basic parenting tasks. The answers were a little surprising.

When asked about picking up after their dog, 95% of dog parents said they always clean up and dispose of their dog’s waste. However, a whopping 93% of non-dog owners stated that they have seen pup parents not clean up after their dog.

As well, 75% of dog owners said that they keep their dog leashed in on-leash areas, whereas 96% on non-dog owners stated that they experience dogs off-leash quite frequently. It looks like someone’s giving us a bad name!

How Do You Feel?

The Daily Hive of Vancouver, BC decided to host their own poll, that everyone can participate in! Dog parents, and non-dog parents can answer the question: “Do you love your dog more than your partner?”

Some of the answers are a little silly, but at this moment, dogs seem to be taking the lead!

Do you love your dog more than your spouse? Comment in the section below! 


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