New Years Resolutions to Make With Your Dog

New Years resolutions are rarely kept, but experts say that if you have an accountability partner, you’ll be far more likely to achieve your goals. It’s also important to have SMART goals –that is, goals that are specific, measurable, actionable/action-oriented, realistic, and timely. With all that being said, who better to keep you accountable than your dog?! You know that when you look into those puppy dog eyes you can’t let your fur baby down. Plus, with these goals, you’ll get such great feedback from your dog, you’ll want to keep up your new good habits!


Probably one of the hardest resolutions to keep, most of us break these first because of what’s involved. Getting ready to go to the gym, carving out an extra 1-2 hours out of your day, and the increase in hair washing! By tacking on a little extra to your regular walks with your dog, here are a few ways to get a little more fit without a huge shift in your lifestyle.

  1. Go for an extra lap around the block at the end of your walk 5 days a week.
  2. Go for a run with your dog 3 times a week, weather permitting.
  3. On weekends go for 1-2 hour long walks


Everyone knows that homemade meals are the healthiest, but sometimes it just doesn’t seem worth making a mess. Here are a few goals to set that will help you and your dog. If your fur baby isn’t reason enough to make these healthy changes, we don’t know what is!

  1. Meal prep once a week, making 4 lunches and 5 dinners in each batch. Cook some homemade dog food or teats as part of your meal prep! Not sure what to cook for your dog? Check out this article to learn about catering to your dog’s nutritional needs. After a while you’ll notice a lower number on your scale, and a higher number on your bank account! Eating out is not only full of hidden calories, but it also gets expensive.
  2. Cut dessert down to a small one 2-3 times a week rather than gorging each night while watching Netflix. Your dog will beg for treats, but you know they’re not that good for him or her. Just as you don’t give your dog a handful of treats each day, treat your body with the same respect by avoiding a handful of candy or cookies. Remember: if your dog can do it, so can you!

Social Health

How do you even make friends as adults? Without school, it’s often hard for grown-ups to make new friends. Fortunately, you can use your dog as a wing(wo)man.

  1. Talk to a new person each time you go to the dog park. The easiest way to do this is to spot the owners of a dog yours is vibing with. Who know what unlikely friend you’ll make!
  2. Set up bi-weekly doggy play dates. You’re dog will love running around with his or her best puppy pal, and you’ll get to hang out with some awesome dog lovers!
  3. Go to dog-friendly local events.


Aside from making more money, there are so many ways you can save money, and here’s how it can involve your dog!

  1. As mentioned before, start meal prepping and taking a home-made lunch most days. If you usually buy, try taking lunch from home 4 days a week. That way you can still have a treat once a week and not feel like you’re missing out. This meal prep also includes food for your dog, which you can easily make at home. Here are a few recipes for healthy homemade dog treats.
  2. Increase quality, decrease volume. Rather than buying many clothes, toys, accessories, and products that are inexpensive but don’t last, try instead investing a little more in things that will outlast their cheaper counterparts 3 or 4 times over. This applies to things for you and your dog. While we can’t tell you the best place to buy high-quality human products, we can suggest that you buy one of our blankets that are water/oil repellant, antimicrobial, and don’t pill as easily. Though there are cheaper alternatives, you’ll be able to wash and use this blanket for years. Likewise, our dog parkas have a 5-year warranty and will be the only coat you’ll ever need to get your dog.

In conclusion, here’s one last tip to stay on top of your New Years resolutions: don’t give up. You’ll fall off the horse (we all do), but the important thing is to dust yourself off, get back on, and keep going. You’ll see the results of your efforts compound over time, and this time next year you’ll be able to look back with pride in what you’ve accomplished.

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