Momo The Hide And Seek Dog’s Van Has Been Stolen, We Need Your Help To Find It!

The famous Find Momo van has been stolen in Vancouver, BC. We need your detective skills to help to find it!

Momo the border collie is the world’s greatest hide and seek champion. His owner, a photographer named Andrew Knapp, has used his skills to capture Momo’s talent, creating a modern day Where’s Waldo concept picture book for dog lovers.

The book is called Find Momo: Coast to Coast, and features stunning, vibrant photographs of the dog playing hide and seek all across Canada.

The two have been travelling from one side of the country to the other on their photographic journey. In doing so, they have been living in their iconic yellow van, Mellow, which is featured on the cover of the book.

Find Momo: Coast to Coast


Sadly, on September 16th, Andrew Knapp and Momo made a heartbreaking announcement through a Facebook post.

During their pit stop in Vancouver, BC, Mellow was stolen.

Momo – Facebook


Mellow was stolen in Vancouver, BC!


Andrew Knapp and Momo are in distress. Now, they are asking for your help to find Mellow.

Mellow is described as a yellow Volkswagen van, with a black pinstripe down the side. Ontario license plates: BPWN 842. The van was last seen in the Commercial Drive area, near 7th and Lakewood Dr.

Mellow was last seen near 7th and Lakewood Dr. in Vancouver, BC.


If you spot Mellow in the Vancouver or Lower Mainland Area, please message Momo on Facebook and call the local RCMP office to report the sighting.

Please share and help Momo and Andrew find their beloved Mellow!

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