Meet Picasso: The Lovable Rescue Capturing Everyone’s Hearts

Picasso the dog just wants to find a loving home, and a family that doesn't mind that he looks a little different.

Picasso the dog was born a completely healthy pup to a backyard breeder in California, with one very obvious difference: his face.

For whatever reason, Picasso was born with quite a noticeable facial abnormality where his misaligned jaw juts to the right, making his nose point that way as well. And because of this, some of his teeth dig up into the roof of his mouth, making it harder for him to eat and drink.

Picasso the lovable pup!
Picasso the lovable pup!

After all of Picasso’s brothers and sisters were sold, he was given to the Porterville Animal Shelter in California, as no one wanted him. When he arrived, he was reunited with his brother, Pablo, who was also given to the shelter after the family who purchased him changed their mind. Both of the poor dogs were put on the shelter euthanasia list.

In come their guardian angels. When Luvable Dog Rescue, based out of Oregon, who had worked with Porterville in the past, found out about the two brothers, they immediately decided to take them in.

“His twisted face was of course startling, but he has such soft and gentle eyes,” explained Liesl Wilhardt, Luvable’s executive director. After seeing photos of the pup, she knew they had to find him and his brother a new home.

Ever since the pair arrived at the rescue, they have been inseparable and so, so happy. Volunteers at the rescue describe them both as sweet, gentle, and so loving towards anyone they meet.

The bond between Picasso and Pablo is obvious.
The bond between Picasso and Pablo is obvious.

After getting evaluations from multiple vets, the rescue has also decided to go through with dental surgery for Picasso, which will remove most of the teeth gouging into his jaw, and make his condition way more comfortable, allowing him to eat with ease.

Luvable has already gotten multiple applications from people interested in taking in Picasso and Pablo and will start introducing them to potential adoptive families once Picasso recovers from his treatment. Because of the special bond the brothers share, the rescue believes that they would do best if adopted as a pair.

For more info and adorable photos and videos of Picasso and Pablo, check out Luvable Dog Rescue’s website and Instagram Page.

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