Meet Beaker Bunny: The Love-A-Bull Pit Bull Who Can’t Seem To Find His Perfect Match

Do you have room on your couch for this cuddle buddy?

Beaker Bunny, also known as Animal ID: #1069549, is a sweet American pit bull terrier mix currently in foster care through the Manhattan Animal Care Center.

Beaker came to the Manhattan ACC as a stray. Police stated that they stumbled upon Beaker wandering the streets, approaching them in a friendly manner. “He walked right over to them and they brought him here,” said Milena Vauclair, Adoption Ambassador Coordinator for the Animal Care Centers of NYC.

“We are all curious how he came to be loose on the street. However, like the majority of animals that come in as strays, we can only wonder.”

Beaker Bunny doesn’t take anything too seriously


Despite his lack of training, Beaker received a perfect score on his SAFER test – the behavioral assessment administered to each dog upon intake.

“When he first arrived, Beaker was shy and nervous with the staff and around the other dogs at the care center. Little by little, he was reassured that we would take good care of him. Looking at his sweet face and big puppy eyes, the foster staff thought he would be a fantastic foster candidate and could use some time outside of the care center to work on his confidence.”

After Beaker’s arrival at the Manhattan ACC, a foster volunteer by the name of Becky was notified.

“I saw his beautiful face and read the glowing results of his behavioral evaluation. I was on my way out of town and regretted that I couldn’t foster him. When I returned from my trip, I received an email that Beaker was back at the Care Center and now he was sick with kennel cough and rated “Experienced” citing a high energy level. Previously, he had been recommended for an Average Home, so it was concerning. I was pessimistic about Beaker’s odds of surviving the shelter,” said Becky.

Beaker Bunny enjoys his relaxation time


Becky returned to the shelter after her trip and went to visit Beaker. When she arrived, there were multiple people struggling to get him into a harness. “He was in full panic,” she said. “but I asked him to sit and he snapped right into it.” 

That was my first sign that this was a very good dog, with a bit of anxiety

After their encounter at the Manhattan ACC, Becky brought Beaker home, and swiftly fell in love. All of his wonderful characteristics began to shine through his anxiety and insecurities, and he flourished in his new environment.

“We got to work on training and he [was] incredible! I think he learned five or six cues in his first week.”

Becky and Beaker worked daily on new commands, leash training, and behavioral modification. Beaker handled each task like a professional! He even overcame his fear of loud noises while walking on leash, and settled into the neighborhood with ease.

“He’s ridiculously eager to please, and thrives with a structured schedule of play and exercise, training, and rest time to channel his abundant energy in a positive direction,” noted Becky.

Beaker Bunny does well on his daily walks, and loves practising tricks


Beaker’s eagerness to please was exactly what placed him in his “forever home.” An adopter, who fell in love with Beaker’s charisma, failed to allow Beaker to decompress, or give him an outlet for his energy.

They panicked because he was “too playful” and returned him. 

Fortunately for Beaker, Becky was able to bring him back as a foster, bypassing the need for him to be returned to the Manhattan ACC. Returned dogs are prone to experience high levels of stress, which may cause illness, potentially putting them at risk. Beaker was grateful to be home with Becky, but his attitude had changed.

“Whatever happened in that home rattled him. He was much more shy when he returned, which upset me. But he is a resilient pup and he is willing to trust. We make a bit of progress daily.”

Beaker Bunny is quite the rehearsed model!


Becky has devoted the time and energy needed to rehabilitate Beaker, and teach him a foundation of trust. She is hoping to see him welcomed by owners that will work with his anxiety, and channel his energy in a positive way. Beaker is the kind of dog who will need a job to keep his mind occupied -even practising cues throughout the day- and would do best in a quiet household with an active owner. He makes a great cuddle buddy, and enjoys relaxation time at home.

Becky has also mentioned that Beaker would enjoy a yard to “do his zoomies in.”

“I’ve truly never met a sweeter, smarter, harder working, more trainable dog.” said Becky. “He’s special and he has a lot of heart and he’s desperately looking for a companion. He seems to get a great deal of comfort from working with his person. Having this dog fall asleep on you is probably the best thing that could happen to a person.”

Beaker Bunny has an impressive resume


Beaker Bunny’s Resume

Beaker Bunny, as we mentioned previously, is quite a smart boy! Within his first week of foster care, he had already mastered a few cues. Foster Mom, Becky, sent us Beaker’s ever-growing resume:

  • Sit
  • Stay/Wait
  • Down
  • Drop It/Take It
  • Go Find It
  • Here/Go to Place
  • Let’s Go

On top of these cues, Beaker also waits patiently to be harnessed, and walks politely on leash!

The loveable, smart, kind, adventurous Beaker Bunny is adoptable through the Manhattan Animal Care Center. You can also check out his daily progress and shenanigans with his foster mom Becky on Instagram: @Beaker_Bunny.

We wish Beaker Bunny the best of luck on finding his true forever home, and can’t wait to see what pawsome things he gets up to next!

A special thanks to Milena and Becky from the Manhattan Animal Care Center, as well as all the other staff and volunteers, who work tirelessly to rescue and rehome animals in need.

Photos By: Beaker_Bunny, Brooklyn Dog Time, Foster Dogs Inc 

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