Man Using Bear Spray On Dogs At Local Park Is Barking Up The Wrong Tree

An Ontario man has made quite a few enemies after attacking dogs at a local park with bear spray. Do you recognize him?

The Harmony Dog Park in Oshawa, Ontario is rated the top dog park in the area. However, recent attacks on visitor’s dogs by a man wielding bear spray is sparking outrage.

The question every dog owner in Oshawa has been asking: Do you know this man?

This was posted on Facebook on August 22, 2016 to help find the Harmony Dog Park assailant.


A post on Facebook made by an Oshawa dog owner on August 22 describes an act that may just be every pup parent’s nightmare. A man was seen riding his bike through Harmony Dog Park, provoking dogs, and attacking them with bear spray. The man also began hitting, kicking, and punching dogs while owners attempted to defend their pets.

Luckily, one of the owners was able to snap a picture of the man before he could get away.

The man was last seen wearing a red Canada jersey, black and white helmet, and blue backpack.


A police officer, by the name of Officer P. Paquette, has been investigating the case, and searching for the attacker. Posters have been made and placed throughout Harmony Dog Park to warn dog owners, and to hopefully help catch the man.

If you recognize this man, or witness him riding in Harmony Dog Park, please contact Officer P. Paquette: Badge #3060 at 905 579 1520

He was last seen wearing a red Canada jersey, black and white helmet, and a blue backpack.

Please share, and help us find this cruel human to prove that we will not tolerate this kind of abuse on our animals!

Original Facebook Post

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