Introducing IggyMoji: The New Emoji App from Iggy Joey!

Surprise your friends and family with the cutest Italian Greyhound emojis!

Have you ever been texting with a friend and thought, “Wow, words simply cannot express what I need to say right now – I sure wish I had an emoji keyboard full of Italian Greyhounds.” Well…you’re in luck!

Iggy Joey – fashion icon, Instagram celebrity, and everyone’s favourite Italian Greyhound – released her very first app today, IggyMoji. The app, which is essentially three-in-one, includes an emoji keyboard for texting, an iMessage app to send stickers to your friends, and the ability to send emojis to anyone directly through the app.

“I had been toying with the idea of doing something fun with Iggy Joey’s image for a while,” explains Lyndal Moody, Iggy Joey’s mum. “When someone messaged us the suggestion of creating an emoji app, we knew it would be fun. Being very active on social media, I noticed a severe lack of dog emojis, let alone Italian Greyhound emojis! So obviously we had to fix that.”

The app itself includes over 100 emojis, and features Iggy Joey in many of her sassy and stylish outfits, as well as some of her Iggy friends, and even a Kangaroo! When we asked Lyndal to choose her favourite emoji, she had trouble picking just one, but admitted the kangaroo (which is where Iggy Joey gets her name – Joey is the term for a baby kangaroo, and Lyndal is Australian) is currently first place.

Plans to add more emojis and continually update the app are already in motion, so if you have any suggestions, leave a comment on Iggy Joey’s Instagram account and your idea could be added! The app is currently only available on iOS (iPhone and iPad), but plans to add an Android version are on the horizon.

Click the photo below to download yours today – at only $2.79, it’s a steal! And if you want to catch Iggy Joey in person, stop by the Spring Canadian Pet Expo this weekend, where she’ll be making an appearance. Details here.

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