How You Can Help Dogs In Need With Pokémon Go

Gotta Walk 'Em All!

The Pokémon Go craze shows no signs of stopping and now, even animal shelters are joining in!

A company, by the name of WoofTrax, has created the ultimate fundraising app. Walk For A Dog, available in the Apple Store or Google Play, is an app that works not only as a step counter, but as a fundraising tool for animal shelters in the United States.

With Pokémon Go users getting more exercise than ever, why not utilize those steps for something greater?

WoofTrax is asking Pokemon Go users to help raise money for homeless animals


How To Get Started

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you will be asked for your name and email. That’s it! You’ll then select the shelter or rescue organization you would like to support. This can take some time, as they have thousands of shelters to choose from. Do some research online to find out which rescue you would like to walk for!

After you’ve chosen your rescue, you will create profiles for yourself, and the dogs you will be walking. These profiles are quick and easy to create. So, no need to worry about giving away personal information. You are given the option to add photos of your dogs, which will become the icons you select when you start your walk.

After the profiles are created, all you have to do is select the dog you are walking, and press start! It’s that simple! 

Now, you’re all set to raise money for your favorite animal shelter!

You can use the app while walking your dog, or going for a jog!


How It Works

Walk For A Dog is not only easy to use, but effortlessly raises money with the touch of a button.

Before starting your walk -WoofTrax recommends making a routine of opening the app while leashing up your pup- click the Start Walking button. That way, you don’t have to worry about getting your walk set up while you attempt to get out the door. Once that button is clicked, you are raising money for charity!

The app will track your distance throughout the duration of your walk. When you are done, you simply click Stop Walking, and your walk will be recorded in the system. WoofTrax will take your walk log, and use that to calculate the amount of money to be donated to your shelter.

The app will log all of your walking activity, giving you the option to keep track of your progress!

Pokemon Go users can raise even more money while playing the game


Raise Money With Pokémon Go!

WoofTrax is encouraging Pokémon Go players to take even greater advantage of the game’s exercise features! For those who don’t play Pokémon Go: the app can only be used while in motion outdoors. Causing players to venture outside and explore their surroundings. 

WoofTrax asks that Pokémon Go players use this opportunity to raise money for charity while they are out hunting for Pokémon. The Walk For A Dog app can be used while walking your dog or simply exploring on your own. Therefore, this app is perfect for players looking to make a difference while completing everyday tasks, or playing a video game.

“While you’re out hunting Pokémon, use the Walk For A Dog app to help your local shelter and rescue! The app works in the background, tracking your walk while you hunt Pokémon and hatch eggs.” – Walk For A Dog by WoofTrax

There are over 6000 shelters and rescues registered with WoofTrax


Social Media

If your dog helps you find a Pokémon on your walk, be sure to share that on our Facebook and Instagram pages!

You can share photos of your dog playing Pokémon Go on WoofTrax’s social media pages! Check out their Instagram @walkforadog for adorable photos, information on the app, and more. Their Facebook is also a hotspot for photos, information, and educational articles. With over 65,000 followers on Social Media, WoofTrax is taking the rescue community by storm.

Whether you’re enjoying a stroll with your pup, or out hunting rare Pokémon, you can make a difference in millions of animals’ lives by using Walk For A Dog by WoofTrax!

Download the app now, and join thousands of dog lovers raising money for animals in need!

Download the app now, and raise money for animals in need!


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