How to Have a Great Hotel Experience With Your Dog

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Travelling with pets has become increasingly common among professionals who don’t want their favourite non-humans to spend so much time in a kennel or at their relatives’ places while they go away for work. Even vacationers are starting to take their dogs with them! If you find yourself wanting to bring your dog with you the next time you go away, here are some valuable tips on how both of you can have the best experience.

On the way

Photo by Wade Muir

Firstly and lastly, you need to get to and from your destination.

  1. It goes without saying that you need to pack any regular travel gear: a crate or carrier, leash, the necessary documents.
  2. An easy way to make this trip smoother is to have treats on-hand for rewarding good travel behaviour. Extra positive reinforcement may be needed as traveling can be stressful and overwhelming for dogs.
  3. Another great way to make sure your pup stays relatively calm is to exercise them rigorously so they’re too pooped to notice all the commotion.
  4. If your dog tends to get motion sickness, make sure they don’t eat before the trip. Try feeding them anywhere between 3 to 4 hours before departure. It might be a good idea to check with your vet to see if there is any medication he or she recommends, or if ginger capsules could be helpful.

Enjoying your stay

Photo by Wade Muir
  1. As much as you like to stay in a hotel that’s warm, welcoming, and has great amenities, your dog does, too! Websites like will help you find pet-friendly hotels wherever you’re going. Just put in your location and choose where you want to stay!
    And if you’re traveling to Toronto, check out The Anndore House: the best pet-friendly hotel in the city. They are so passionate about making sure that pets have an amazing experience that your dog might just have more fun than you! And if you’re a Torontonian, it’s a great place for a staycation to trial the whole traveling-with-your-dog thing.
  2. Avoid homesickness by bringing a blanket from home. A familiar scent and feel will be comforting to your dog and may prevent any kind of anxiety associated from sleeping in a strange place.
    If you don’t have one already, the World of Angus dog blanket is the best for travel. Special fibres means it doesn’t pill even if your dog scratches at it. It’s also water/oil repellent, and it’s antimicrobial thereby preventing any odours regular dog blankets eventually get.
  3. Be prepared for emergencies by writing down where the closest veterinarian clinic or animal hospital is. If your dog gets sick, you don’t want to waste time browsing the web.
  4. Keep your doggo entertained by bringing a toy and a ball from home. You might plan to buy something while you’re away, but if you forget or run out of time, a familiar favourite will do the trick. Just remember, hotel walls are thin, so avoid any toys that make a lot of noise.
  5. You’ll probably want to explore your surroundings, and we’re sure you’ll dog would be thrilled to accompany you. Before your trip do some research on dog-friendly stores, cafes, and dog parks nearby.
    If you’re in our neighbourhood, take a look at our favourite dog-friendly stores and our top dog parks!

Whether you’re planning a work trip, vacation, or staycation, we hope you and your pup both have a good time!

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