Heartwarming Viral Photo Results In Police Threatening Dog’s Life

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Here at World of Angus, we dislike nothing more than Breed Discrimination and Breed Specific Legislation(BSL). It’s just plain wrong. However, the absolute worst part about BSL is the fact that it is usually used in a totally inaccurate way, targeting dogs based on physical characteristics alone. Many non-pit bull type dogs are seized and euthanized each year due to wrongful judgement.

Unfortunately, that’s what Diggy, the American bulldog, and his new Dad are experiencing right now.

You may know Diggy from his adoption photo that went viral!

Heartwarming Viral Photo Results In Police Threatening Dog's Life

Diggy smiling with his new dad, Dan, after being adopted from Detroit Dog Rescue

Diggy, formally Sir Wiggleton, was adopted by Dan Tillery in Waterford Township, MI. Diggy was registered as an American bulldog, a breed with similar physical traits as the American pit bull terrier.

The American pit bull terrier, and other pit bull-type dogs are banned in Waterford Township. When the photo of Diggy and Dan went viral, police were notified of a “pit bull” residing in a local home. They showed up on Dan Tillery’s doorstep, demanding that he remove the dog as soon as possible, without asking for DNA tests or proof of Diggy’s breed.

Despite evidence and statements from Detroit Dog Rescue, the City of Detroit Animal Control and Welfare, and Diggy’s veterinarian that he is, in fact, an American bulldog, authorities gave Tillery until Monday, June 13th to relocate.

Detroit Dog Rescue held a press conference with Diggy’s parents to address the matter. They are hoping to work with the Waterford Police Department to keep Diggy safe in his home. Those handling the case are supposedly unreachable until Monday, June 13th.

A pit bull advocate group called Detroit Pit Crew is taking matters into their own hands, and calling for the public to contact the Waterford Police Department in order to make a case for Diggy. They believe that, with enough public support, authorities will do their research and realize that Diggy is not a pit bull type dog.

If you want to help Diggy the bulldog stay in his new home, where he is loved, please contact the Waterford Police Department, Detroit Pit Crew, or Detroit Dog Rescue. Any and all support is appreciated.

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WXYZ Detroit Detroit Dog Rescue  Detroit Pit Crew

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