Edward Norton Gets Puppy Kisses For Charity In This Pawsome Video

One of our favorite celebrities has teamed up with the "Lick My Face Challenge" to raise money for No Kill Shelters, and it's pawsitively precious!

Edward Norton is well known for his compelling roles in film, but what most people don’t realize about him is that he is an avid dog lover, and an advocate for shelter pets!

In this dog-gone adorable video, Edward Norton invited his two dogs -Lt. Dangle the pug and Skully the rescue pup- to lick his face in order to raise money for a movement called “Target Zero,” which aims to implement “No Kill” policies in the United States.

Edward Norton donated $750 for the 75 kisses he received! You can check out the video on his Facebook page!

Lick My Face Challenge

The Lick My Face Challenge was started by a non-profit by the name of Target Zero. With millions of animals euthanized in the United States each year, Target Zero aims to implement a “No Kill” policy within shelters. This movement hopes to see the end of “Kill Shelters” in the United States, which often euthanize healthy, adoptable cats and dogs.

“Our team goes city to city mentoring shelter and animal welfare leaders to work together in getting their city to ‘zero’. We do this by teaching our proven-to-work Pyramid Program of ‘best practices’.”  

Target Zero has already convinced Waco, Texas, and Huntsville, Alabama to change their euthanasia policies, but they “won’t stop until every single city has stopped euthanizing healthy cats and dogs.” 



How To Get Involved

If you want to join Target Zero, and the Lick My Face movement, all you have to do is upload your own video, and donate!

Target Zero is requesting $1 per lick. If you donate more than $60, you will receive some awesome prizes, like a #LickMyFace dog hoodie or t-shirt!

Many celebrities are joining the movement, including Nick Offerman, Tea Leoni, Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, and, of course, Edward Norton. You can check out all of their videos, and much more HERE.

Lt. Dangle even sneezed on Edward’s face for charity!


You rock, Edward Norton!


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