Dramatic Rescue By This Civilian Hero Who Saved A Woman and Her Dog From Drowning

A woman and her dog needed a miracle. Luckily, this man was there to save the day!

With the recent flooding in Baton Rouge, the people of Louisiana are praying for a miracle. Over 2,000 people have been saved from the flood with the help of rescue crews, emergency response teams, and even civilians, including one woman and her very lucky dog.

This is the scene David Phung and his group discovered. A woman and her Chihuahua were trapped inside.


David Phung was travelling by boat, with a group of men, when they came across a woman trapped inside her sinking car. The vehicle was almost fully submerged, exposing only the rear end of the car, and the back window. The woman was clearly in distress and yelling for help, seemingly leaving her final dying wishes with the men.

Phung and his crew attempted to break the rear window, but were unable, as the car was sinking too quickly. With less than seconds to spare, Phung plunged into the water, broke through the roof of the car, and pulled the woman to safety. Still distraught, the woman screamed for the men to rescue her Chihuahua, who was still trapped in the car.

Fortunately for this little pup, Phung acted quickly, diving down to retrieve her from the sinking vehicle. Reports from WAFB news station confirmed that the three of them were able to swim to safety.

If it weren’t for the courageous actions of David Phung and the other men, this woman and her dog would have surely drowned. They are true heroes and have restored our faith in humanity!

Thank you, David Phung and friends for saving not just one life, but two!


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