Dog Spa Offers Canine Exorcism

Shinto Priest

I know a possessed dog may sound bleak, but there is a spa in Japan offering doggy exorcisms. It's a miracle!

Has your dog been acting a little ‘strange’ in their older years? Is your once sweet pooch cursing like a sailor and refusing your kisses, listening to Norwegian death metal, and you’re not sure why?


Well, I will give you the bad news first; your poor dog may be possessed. I have some good news though, I know a possessed dog may sound bleak, but there is a spa in Japan offering doggy exorcisms. It’s a miracle!


Okay – truthfully, this is not an exorcism of the demonic sort. There will be no pea soup vomit. It is, however, a ritual performed by an honest to goodness Shinto priest to rid your old friend of potential evil spirits that may be causing health problems.


As the fine folk at The D+Kirishima Spa explain it,


“Seven-year-old, ten-year-old, and thirteen-year-old dogs need to be careful of their health, as it’s easier in those years for them to get diseases of aging. The exorcism for the dog is celebrated along with its owner at the Shingariyu shrine within the hotel.”


The ritual spirit-chasing and prayer for future health runs approximately 30 minutes. When it comes to expelling spirits, one does not want to be rushed.

Shinto Priest

Here’s a link to a brief video of the ceremony on the spa’s Facebook page.

Now, fair warning, exorcism does not come cheap. The package will run you 31000 Japanese yen, which is a tidy $293.17 in US dollars (not to mention the plane ticket for you and your dog to Japan).

I know that sounds pricey, but fret not, the package also includes a lavish room for pooch and owner along with access to a private pool for your dog after the ritual is completed. You will also receive breakfast and a glass of celebratory champagne.

It practically pays for itself.



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