Dog Gets Unexpected Mugshot In Florida Jail

Willow the dog gets a mugshot in Florida

Bad dog! This wandering pup got picked up by the police, and she has the mugshot to prove it!

Put your paws up

You’ve heard of Florida Man antics? Well, this is Florida dog. A pup named Willow wound up taking a very adorable mug shot (not to be confused with a pug shot) after police in Tarpon Springs, Florida, found her wandering around by herself. Her little paw prints were digitally processed (stamping a dog’s paws in ink sounds like a guaranteed mess of prints and smears all over the precinct) and they actually got her held up high enough that they could take a photo for booking.

Now, to be clear, she wasn’t actually in any kind of trouble. This was done because a) it’s adorable, and b) it got the attention of the dog’s owners quickly through their (now seemingly defunct) Facebook page. They picked her up quickly enough, so hopefully they’ll waive the charges (Loitering? Being a dog? Barking in a no barking zone?) and she won’t have a record.

Willow is known as one of the most friendly prisoners they’ve ever had in custody and she is now back safe and sound with her family.


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