Commitment Is Freedom: How Having A Dog Will Open Up Your Life

Making a commitment to your dog will be the best thing you've ever done!

For a lot of people, commitment is a scary concept. Committing to something, whether it be a relationship or a pet, takes a lot of willpower and dedication. Some people just aren’t cut out for the work, or are terrified by the thought of being “tied down.”

However, for those people who make the commitment to their dogs, it’s soon realized that the reward is worth so much more than the effort. Committing to your dog is simple, and will open your life up in ways you would have never imagined.

Dogs teach us about life and share with us the secret of happiness. They break us out of our shell, force us to exercise, and help us see the true value in our own selves. Commitment to your dog is freedom. Here’s how having a dog will open up your life.

Commitment Is Freedom: How Having A Dog Will Open Up Your Life


Dogs need exercise. People need exercise too, but we have no one to blame but ourselves if we don’t do it. Dogs, on the other hand, depend on us to get them out of the house. This means that, regardless of how much you hate or love the outdoors, you’ll be taking your dog there.

Dogs are the greatest way to get in shape. All throughout their lives, they will force us to exercise in various ways. Whether it’s chasing them as a puppy, hiking as an adult, or carrying them in their old age, you’ll be feeling the burn. Living an active and healthy lifestyle with and for your dog will not only benefit you in the long run, but your pup as well.

You will be able to spend much more time with your furbaby if both you and him are health-conscious and active.

Commitment Is Freedom: How Having A Dog Will Open Up Your Life


With exercise comes adventure!

Most people, especially pup parents, will get incredibly bored by visiting the same places all the time. You’ll have to switch it up eventually! That means exploring new locations, and seeking out fun things to do with your dog.

Dogs make great adventure buddies, as they usually have a good sense of nature, and are awesome at blazing new trails. Dogs also have heightened smell, meaning they can seek out water sources, or warn you of approaching animals.

If you’ve never been camping with your dog, you gotta try it!

Commitment Is Freedom: How Having A Dog Will Open Up Your Life

Making Friends

Dogs need other doggy friends for healthy socialization. If you isolate your dog, you are going to have a big problem!

Making friends is crucial for a dog’s development. This means you will have to take him out to meet other dogs. Usually, the other dogs will have their own parents, forcing you to interact with them at least a little. This is perfect for socially awkward dog moms like myself who have a hard time reaching out.

Starting a conversation with other dog parents is easy! With one main thing in common, you’ll be able to branch out and find other similarities as well. Lots of dog parents go to dog parks to make human friends. You may just meet your new bestie!

Commitment Is Freedom: How Having A Dog Will Open Up Your Life

Learning New Things

Dogs teach us new things every day. Things that we never even thought about before.

Having a dog motivates you to learn everything about them. You’ll find yourself researching breeds, nutrition, health, training, behavioral modification, products, exercises, dog friendly activities, and so much more. When you are learning about your dog, there’s no limit to what you can discover.

Many dog parents believe that getting a dog is the most life-altering event, because it opens your eyes to how much you didn’t know about them.

Good dog parents are constantly researching as their dog develops into new life stages.

Commitment Is Freedom: How Having A Dog Will Open Up Your Life

Personal Growth

When you welcome a dog into your life, you grow as a person.

Not only do you open your mind to new possibilities, but you take responsibility for another living being. It’s not an easy task to care for a dog, but it is the most rewarding. You will develop as a person and as a caregiver, learning new ways to handle daily situations, and provide the best care possible to your dog.

You will become a better person, with a better understanding of animals and their impact on the world. Many people believe that having a dog helps you become more compassionate towards living things.

We wouldn’t trade our dogs for any amount of “freedom.”


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