7 Beneficial Herbs To Grow For Your Dog

It’s finally gardening weather! And whether or not you have a yard with space to plant in, a porch with room for a small herb garden box, or just a windowsill, you can still grow these easy, dog friendly herbs! They all have different benefits and ways they can improve and aid your dog’s health, and many people feel that a weekly or daily sprinkling of different herbs in your dog’s food can be quite beneficial, as dogs are omnivores and in the wild often eat plants.

10 Things Dogs Do That Are So Unbelievably Adorable

While every dog is unique, there are some universal dog behaviors that are just so adorable we can’t stand it! Whether its sleeping like a weirdo, being silly about playtime or begging for food, there are some cute things dogs do that no matter how many times we see it we can’t help but laugh at them and have our hearts melt a little. Here are 10 of our favorite adorable things that dogs always do.

Comfort Dogs Fly To Orlando To Help Those Affected By Pulse Tragedy

Within hours of hearing of the devastating tragedy at Pulse Nightclub, which killed 49 and injured at least 53 on Sunday, June 12, 2016, over a dozen comfort dogs and their handlers were already making plans, packing their bags and booking flights to Orlando with one simple mission: to provide unconditional love and comfort to the grieving.

6 Of The Healthiest All Natural And Raw Dog Foods Featured At Woofstock 2016

The weekend of May 28th and 29th marked the 13th annual Woofstock – North America’s largest outdoor festival for dogs! Among the many vendors who traveled from all over North America to be there, were tons of food and treat options! We scoured the booths for the healthiest, all natural, ethically sourced and raw dog foods and treats and rounded them up here in our list of the top 6 edibles found at Woofstock 2016.

Boy Caught On Tape Drive-By Hugging A Dog And Woman Turns To Facebook To Help Identify Him

When Hollie Breaux Mallet of Louisiana set up her home security system she certainly didn’t expect to see something as adorable as this: a little boy running into her garage just to hug her black Lab, Duchess, as he biked past. Holly and her husband thought the gesture was so sweet, but she had no idea which neighbors’ kid it was…so she posted the video on Facebook and asked for help identifying the young dog lover.