5 Pick Me Ups To Treat Yo’ Pup

Is your pup down in the dumps? Sometimes dogs get sad too! Sometimes when we’re too busy or distracted by work or life in general, we can tend to not pay enough attention or spend enough quality time with our pets. It’s ok to be busy and have a life, but it’s important to balance that with some quality time or a special treat to let your dog know you really love and appreciate them. When you’re trying to plan the perfect treat for your pup you should take into consideration their personality and what they love most. Here are 5 great pick me ups you can choose from to suit your dog’s personality.

8 Tips To Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Sparkling Clean

While most people wouldn’t dream of going a day without brushing their own teeth, very few people brush their dog’s teeth every day. While some dogs do tend to get more plaque and tartar build up than others, dental hygiene is important for all dogs. If ignored, it can lead to tooth decay, fractured teeth or oral cancer. Once periodontal disease is advanced, your vet will have to take x-rays to be able to properly evaluate the supporting structures of the teeth. There are some ways that all of this can be prevented, and we rounded up the top 8 tips and tricks for keeping your dog’s teeth sparkling clean.

10 Time Saving Hacks That Every Dog Owner Needs To Know Right Now

Even the most savvy dog owners need some tips and tricks now and then, and if the internet is good for anything, it’s LifeHacks! And the only thing more useful to dog owners than LifeHacks are DogHacks. We found the 10 most useful DogHacks that every person who has a pup should know. They will make your life just a little bit easier…but it’s the little things that count, isn’t it?