Add Years To Your Dog’s Life With This Memory Foam Bed

This bed will work wonders for your dog's health!

As we age, our bodies become stiff, sore, and don’t work as well as they used to. What we often forget is that dogs age at a rate almost seven times faster than us. This means that they reach middle age within just five or six years. Though we may picture our dogs as puppies forever, they truly do age quickly, and have a life expectancy of eight to twelve years.

Many dogs will experience difficulties sleeping as they age, due to common health problems like arthritis and joint pain. Arthritis is one of the largest causes of chronic pain in dogs, and can result in stiffness, limping, lethargy, and irritability. Joint pain is growing more popular in dogs, affecting over 30% all of household dogs.

Fortunately, there is a way to provide our dogs with some peace and longevity, by ensuring that they receive the best sleep possible.

This is where your choice of dog bed could save your dog’s life!

Help beat your dog’s aches and pains with the memory foam Dog Bed!


Health Benefits For Aging Dogs

As we age, our choice in bed becomes of the utmost importance. We understand that a good day starts with a great night’s sleep. In order for our aging dogs to live a healthy and enjoyable life, we must provide them with the most comfort possible, especially their bed. After all, you would do anything to give yourself more time with your best friend! Why not invest in something that could?

Daily Pain Relief

The World of Angus Dog Bed is supportive, comfortable, and guarantees a restful sleep for your dog. Our mattress helps decrease pain, and soothe body aches commonly seen in dogs suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other muscle, bone, and joint problems. Healing chronic pain will add years to your dog’s life, and life to his years!

Isolates and Minimizes Movement

Lack of movement is crucial for a comfortable sleep for your dog. Our Dog Bed decreases movement by 90%, cradling your dog’s natural curves. This will ensure that your dog sleeps soundly through the night, leaving him feeling well rested.

Natural Spine Alignment

The Dog Bed aids in ideal sleeping posture, keeping your dogs body weight evenly distributed. This helps naturally align your pups’ spine for ultimate comfort and health. With 6″ of memory foam, our mattress suits dogs of every size.

The World of Angus Dog Bed has many health benefits for dogs of all ages!


Temperature Regulation

Old dogs overheat quickly. That’s why temperature regulation is imperative for battling chronic pains like arthritis. Ensuring that an elderly or arthritic dog is warm will decrease swelling in the joints, aiding in pain relief and flexibility. Our beds retain heat, keeping your pooch warm in the frigid winter months.

Breathability and Increased Cell Regeneration

The reduction of pressure points in our mattress promotes healthy circulation, which decreases swelling and inflammation of the joints.  This also assists with cell regeneration for a speedy recovery.

Allergy Friendly

The dense memory foam prevents the growth of dust mites and other allergens that can be found in a dog’s bed! This is important for older dogs that may be experiencing breathing problems, or allergies to dust.

Where To Buy The World Of Angus Dog Bed

You can purchase your very own World of Angus Memory Foam Dog Bed at!

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Add Years To Your Dog’s Life With This Memory Foam Bed

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