Abused and Abandoned Pit Bull Rescue is NYC’s Newest Fire House Dog

From crack house to fire house - the heartwarming story of Ashley the Pit Bull.

When Ashley the Pit Bull was rescued from a “crack house” in Staten Island, NY, she was malnourished, covered in cigarette burns, 25 lbs underweight, and had been without food and water and electricity for at least two days.

Erika Mahnken and Michael Favor from No More Pain Rescue acted immediately when they received a call about the abandoned dog back in January, not knowing where they would house Ashley, but due to freezing temperatures and no knowledge on how long the pup had been left alone, they acted fast.

Ashley poses at her new home at Fort Pitt
Ashley poses at her new home at Fort Pitt

Without anywhere to keep her overnight, Erika and Michael called FDNY Fire Station “Fort Pitt” who had helped them house a rottweiler in the past. The station agreed, and three days later, Erika and Michael received another call – this time, a very happy one. The firefighters loved Ashley so much, they wanted to adopt her!

And it seems the one-year-old pup couldn’t be happier in her new home. One look at her Instagram account shows the many adventures she goes on daily, and the love she gives and receives from her new firefighter owners. The account, started by the firefighters at Fort Pitt, reveals that she loves to watch her new owners in the kitchen, has her very own seat on their truck and rides along whenever they respond to calls. Even better, Ashley is now almost 50 lbs, and happily interacts with any visitors she meets at the station.

Ashley rides along in her special spot on the Fort Pitt fire truck
Ashley rides along in her special spot on the Fort Pitt fire truck

If you are interested in adopting or donating to support the many animals rescued by No More Pain Rescue, you can do so here.

Source: CBS News, Instagram

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