A Photographer Dressed These Shelter Dogs Up In Unique Outfits Hoping To Find Their Forever Homes

This photographer took her work to the next level in order to help these pups find homes!

An Arkansas-based photographer is going viral after her project to help shelter dogs is making waves in the rescue community. Tammy Swarek teamed up with Union County Animal Protection Society to create one of the greatest rescue campaigns we’ve ever seen – by dressing dogs in human clothes!

Each dog was dressed in clothing or accessories that best portrayed their personalities. The shelter staff, as well as Swarek thought this would be the best way to showcase the dogs’ individuality, as well as outline some key characteristics.

Some dogs were dressed in business casual wear, while others wore beautiful flower crowns, and no two photos turned out the same.

The end result is truly amazing!

It’s like from rags to riches. They’re superstars in these pictures.

Big Dave – Snoop Dogg


I wanted somebody to see that picture of that dog, and have some type of connection with it that they wouldn’t ordinarily have just by seeing it shut in a cage.

Rascal – Lady


The project also helped showcase dogs who had been in the shelter for a long time with little interest in them from potential adopters. Luckily, the Union County Animal Protection Society staff, volunteers, and Tammy Swarek were able to dress each dog in the best light, reaching out to potential owners.

Some of the dogs that wouldn’t have any interest at all have had up to a dozen applications each.

Excalibur – Gillian


Some dogs, like the ones pictured above, have incredible rescue stories. These photos are a testament to their perseverance, bravery, and success.

When Excalibur was found, she was in desperate need of care. This beautiful dog had been shot twice in the head. When her scars healed, it was clear that she was a dog perfect for this project, and worthy of a loving home.

She was adopted locally by a family with a little girl. That’s one story that definitely sticks out.

General Paton – Major Good Boy


Tammy photographed dozens of dogs, many of which have already found forever homes! Her passion for animals truly shines through in these stunning photos.

“One of the things I would like this project to change is the general perception of shelter animals… when a family makes the decision to adopt an animal, that the shelter is their first obvious choice, over going to a breeder or a pet store.” – Tammy Swarek

You can read more about Tammy Swarek’s project, as well as view her breathtaking gallery titled “Shelter Pets Project – Available For Adoption.”

I think Tammy’s project has been an amazing asset to our shelter, to the perception of the rescue dog.


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