8 Places To Take Your Dog That Are Better Than The Park

#8 is our favorite!

Whether you like the dog park or not, sometimes you have to change it up for both you and your dog’s sake. Going to the same park every day can get a little boring. So, we’ve made a list of 8 places to take your dog that are better than the park.

#8 is our favorite!

1. The Beach

Summer is just around the corner for most and already happening for some lucky folks around the world. The sun is shining, and we’re truly feeling the heat this year.

That’s why there’s no better place to take your dog than the beach! The beach is number one on our list, even for pups who don’t swim. With this kind of heat, we have to keep our pup’s best interest in mind, which means making sure they stay nice and cool.

The beach is perfect to take a dip, or even just chill out in the breeze. The air will be much cooler at the beach, and there’s a surplus of drinkable water, whether it be the lake or nearby fountains.

Staying hydrated is the most important thing!

8 Places To Take Your Dog That Are Better Than The Park

2. The Woods

Who would want to hang out at the park, when you could take a trip to the woods and romp through the trees? The forest is perfect for dogs with good recall skills, or people wishing to work on leash training in private.

There’s plenty of shade to stay cool, and there are so many interesting smells!

Pack a picnic and take your pup for a lovely stroll through the woods.

8 Places To Take Your Dog That Are Better Than The Park

3. Mountain Climbing

For the more active pup and parent, mountain climbing is a great option!

Mountain climbing and hiking take a lot of energy, but the view is so rewarding. Many dogs enjoy being out in the wilderness, and a breath of fresh air could be just what you needed to get out of your funk.

After a day of hiking, your pup will be thanking you for getting him out of the house as well!

This is the perfect way to bond with your best friend, while getting some much needed exercise.

Be sure to pack plenty of water, and booties for your pooch just in case!

8 Places To Take Your Dog That Are Better Than The Park

4. Playdates

Supervised playdates are a fantastic alternative to the dog park.

Many pup parents have negative experiences at the dog park, due to irresponsible parents, and lack of supervision over untrained dogs. In order to avoid these issues, it may be best to host your own playdates with a few good friends.

Find some playmates that your dog gets along well with, and organize a puppy party. This will be a great way to socialize your dog, and yourself with the other parents.

8 Places To Take Your Dog That Are Better Than The Park

5. Open Fields

Open fields are the perfect opportunity to practise some fetching and recall!

If your dog loves to run, find a large open field for him to romp in. You can go on your own, or bring a few friends to make a playdate of it.

Fields are great for practicing fetching skills, frisbee catching, and tricks. You are less likely to run into other dogs, which gives you some quality one on one time with your pup!

8 Places To Take Your Dog That Are Better Than The Park

6. Events

As we’ve mentioned before, many local events are becoming more dog friendly.

Events are a good opportunity to socialize your dog with people and other dogs. Most events will have ample seating, shade, and places to relax with your dog.

You can work on leash training while exposing your dog to new sights and smells. Doing this at a young age is good for development.

Bring some water and treats and practise walking by distractions with your dog.

8 Places To Take Your Dog That Are Better Than The Park

7. Leash Training

Leash training, no matter your dog’s age, is always important. As a pup parent, you should be working on leash training multiple times per week in order to maintain good behavior.

Taking a 15 minute stroll through town is a great way to exercise your dog, and work on behavioral management and manners.

Instead of letting your dog run free at the park with little control, try taking him for a one on one walk. You will both benefit greatly from it!

8 Places To Take Your Dog That Are Better Than The Park

8. Grandma and Grandpa’s

Regardless of how hard they try, grandma and grandpa cannot deny that they love your furry baby!

Visiting your parents with your pup is a nice trip for both of you. They are always happy to see the granddog, and spoil him with treats.

Whether your dog likes to snooze on the couch, or play in the yard, he’s bound to have a great time at the grandparent’s house.


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