7 Ways A Dog Will Get You Through A Breakup

A dog giving unconditional love and kisses

Breakups are terrible, but dogs make them just a bit easier. Here are seven reasons why it's better to deal with heartbreak with a dog.

Breakups suck. If you’re going through one now, you have my sympathies. But do you know what makes breakups just a little bit easier? Having a dog in your life. Nothing heals a heart better than time, but having the love of a good dog might just help you through the process.

woman cuddling with her lab

No Judgement

They’ll listen to you talk for hours and hours about all the things you hate about your ex. If you want to reminisce about the good times, they’ll be there for that, too. When sadness takes a hold of you and keeps you out of the shower and in the same sweatpants for days on end, they’ll find your musk enchanting. Eat that chip you found in the couch cushions! Watch the same movie for the hundredth time! Stage a dramatic reenactment of your text message history to see where it all went wrong! Whatever you do, your dog will be happy for your company.

A woman and her fluffy dog

Absorbent Fur

Shed all the tears you want, even after the tissues run out. A lot of people will probably offer a shoulder to cry on, but will anyone else be as soft and absorbent as your pup? No. And they will probably be fine with it if you’re a bit snotty. They might even like it!

A dog cuddling close to her owner


One of the hardest parts of any breakup is losing a cuddle partner. Dogs are ready to step up and fill that role. If you weren’t that into having your dog on the couch or in bed, now is the perfect time to relax that rule. Give all your love and snuggling to someone who is truly worthy of it: your pup. They’ll never hurt you.

Dog and man on the couch cuddling

Great for Staying In

Dogs are nature’s couch potatoes, at least some of the time. As long as they’re properly exercised to avoid antsy misbehaving, they’re usually pretty content to hang out with you and not do much of anything. You might not want to be seen by anyone aside from the delivery person for the first little while, but your dog will be with you in your lair of isolation as long as you look the other way when they try to grab a bite of your pizza.

Husky and his owner in the great outdoors

Will Get You Out of the House

On the flip side, once you’ve exited your pizza and crying phase, you may want to dust yourself off, get up, and go outside. Sunlight, a little physical activity, and play time with your canine compatriot is just what you need to mend a broken heart. Besides, you’ll be doing something to make your dog happy, and that might just make you feel better, too.

A dog giving unconditional love and kisses

Unconditional Love

Dogs provide the kind of unconditional love that sustains you in times of trouble. It’s hard feeling like you’ve lost someone important and with them a part of yourself, but that part will grow back in time. The best thing you can do is have dependable love in your life to show that, even if things don’t always work out, sometimes they do. Dogs may not be able to say it in so many words, but they can say it with meaningful looks and nuzzles. That’s probably even better.

A matchmaker dog and a human couple

They’re Matchmakers

When you’re ready to get back out there, you might just meet someone cute when your dog bounds up to meet theirs. What better way to start up something new than with a common interest? Dog-friendly parks make an excellent date idea, too. It’s a nice way to say thank you to your constant companion.

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