7 Reasons Why The Best Dogs Are The Ones You Didn’t Choose

Sometimes, things happen for a reason!

Sometimes, the best dog is the one we didn’t think we’d love. Maybe we stumbled upon them on the street, or met them through a friend. Or maybe they were just the saddest looking dog at the shelter and something pulled us to them. Whatever the reason, the dogs we end up with by accident are often our greatest companions and teachers.

1. We Can’t Explain It

There’s something special about the dog we didn’t choose. We may have spent hours researching the perfect breed, size, appearance of the dog we wanted, or picked out the perfect temperament, and this dog doesn’t match any of it. None of that mattered when we first laid eyes on him, he was our dog.

7 Reasons Why The Best Dogs Are The Ones You Didn't Choose

2. We Learn To Love Their Quirks

More often than not, the dog we didn’t choose but ended up with possesses a few quirks. They are a little different than the average dog, maybe from their strange life as a transient or life in a neglectful home. When we spend time with them, we start to pick up on their odd ways of life, and certain trigger points. These quirks don’t always define the dog, but they are part of who they are. We learn to understand and love everything about them.

7 Reasons Why The Best Dogs Are The Ones You Didn't Choose

3. They Are Unique

The dogs we come by accidentally are often unique and special in how they look and how they act. Mutts are sometimes the most beautiful dogs, and they are usually one of a kind. There is something very special about having a dog look different from the rest. The breed guessing game is always fun as well!

These dogs are also unique in how they act, as their past life will have contributed to their personality. Our dog may be more reserved than others, or more observant. These qualities can seem human-like, forming a stronger bond with our pup.

7 Reasons Why The Best Dogs Are The Ones You Didn't Choose

4. They Teach Us Patience

The dog we come by accidentally will teach us patience. They may have struggled in the past with trust, or had someone abuse their good nature. These dogs need extra love and affection to help coax them out of their shell.

These dogs may also be more difficult to train, due to their lack of trust. We must exercise patience to prove that our intentions are honest. They’ll come around eventually!

7 Reasons Why The Best Dogs Are The Ones You Didn't Choose

5. They Look At The World Differently

Accidental or “used” dogs look at the world differently. And, because of this, so do we. Our dog teaches us to not judge a book by its cover, and also that what we thought we wanted might not be best for us. We learn more from these dogs about unexplainable bonds, and loving what’s in front of us. We also learn not to take things for granted, and to see potential.

Our lives are pretty great!

7 Reasons Why The Best Dogs Are The Ones You Didn't Choose

6. They Become Our Best Friends

Even though we may not have gotten the pedigree dog we’d been dreaming of, we got a best friend. No matter what kind of dog we end up with, they will always become our closest companion. The dog we came by accidentally is no exception!

Our dog will walk beside us through all life’s ups and downs, and exhibit true bravery and perseverance.

7 Reasons Why The Best Dogs Are The Ones You Didn't Choose

7. They Show Us Unconditional Love

Though they may only be in our lives for a short period of time, we are their entire life. Finding them in that shelter, random box of puppies, or lost on the side of the road was the greatest thing to ever happen to them and us. They are eternally grateful, and will always show us love.

Our accidental dogs may not have been our dream, but they sure became our lives.


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