7 Dogs That Have More Followers Than These Celebrities

Who would have guess these celebrity dogs had more Instagram followers than these celebrity humans?

Some people follow celebrities on Instagram…and some people prefer celebrity dogs. We scoured Instagram for the most famous pups, and their human counterparts. You’ve probably heard of all of the humans, but though you may never have heard of some of these famous dogs, they still manage to have more followers than these celebrities!


1. Michael Phelps vs. Marutaro

Michael Phelps has a respectable 2.4 millian followers…


Michael Phelps is an incredibly famous Olympic athlete, who is now a household name. He’s an American competitive swimmer and is now the most decorated Olympian of all time, as he’s raked in a total of 28 medals. Despite all of those amazing achievements, his 2.4 million following is still eclipsed by Marutaro, the adorable Japanese Shiba Inu, who is the most famous and followed dog on Instagram, who has racked up an impressive 4.5 million fan base, for just being so gosh darn cute.


Marutaro still pulls ahead with 2.5 million.


2. Aziz Anzari vs. Doug the Pug

Aziz has 1.9 million dedicated followers…


Aziz Anzari is a comedian, who gained fame playing Tom Haverford on Parks and Recreation and as Dev Shah on the Netflix series he created, writes, and stars in, Master of None, which was even nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Television Series Musical or Comedy.

But even his 1.9m followers can’t compete with Doug the Pug’s 2m! This pup is famous for his hilarious videos and photos, does guest appearances at events (he was a celebrity dog guest at this year’s Woofstock!), he has merchandise, and a forthcoming book. And more importantly is adored by his 2m Instagram followers.


But Doug the Pug has 2 million admirers.

3. Ben Affleck vs. Marnie the Dog

Ben Affleck’s 1.6 million followers may be big fans of the celebrity…


You may know Ben Affleck from one of the 64 movies he’s acted in. Hell, the guy is Batman for goodness’ sake! But even a superhero who has won multiple awards don’t got nothing on Marnie the adorably derpy little dog, with her forever-tongue and giant heart-melting eyes. And of course, her 2 million followers.


But Marnie’s 2 million big fans even include celebrities.


4. Kristen Bell vs. Tuna

Kristen Bell loves sloths and her 1.3 million followers…


Kristen Bell rose to fame as the lead in the TV series Veronica Mars, but you may also know her as the voice of Anna in Frozen, or from crying-about-sloths-on-the-internet. She rightfully has 1.3 million followers on Instagram, but cutie little Tuna with his ridiculously sweet little face, beats her out with a whopping 1.8 million.


Tuna melts the heart of each and every one of his 1.8 million fans.


5. Mark Zuckerburg vs. Loki the Wolfdog

Zuckerburg may rule the social media landscape…


Mark Zuckerburg may have invented Facebook, the world’s largest platform for people to connect with friends, and he may even own Instagram itself, but even his massive friend base of 879k are no match for Loki the Wolfdog’s staggering 1.1 million friends, who like to follow its outdoorsy, adventure loving exploits on Instagram.


But Loki owns the rugged landscape.


6. Cesar Milan vs. Manny the Frenchie

Cesar may have a way with dogs…


Cesar Milan may be famous for his dog knowledge and training methods, but even he could learn a thing or two from Manny the Frenchie. His 791k can’t beat the dog’s number of Instagram followers. Manny the Frenchie has 1 million followers, because that’s just how stinking adorable he is. He’s got merchandise, and even tours around doing public appearances.


But Mannie knows the way to every human’s heart. With his lovely little FACE.


7. Sarah Silverman vs. Paris Hilton’s Pets

Sarah Silverman manages to crack up all 766,000 of her followers…


Sarah Silverman is a famous comedian, actress, producer and writer. She’s been in movies like There’s Something About Mary, School of Rock, and voiced Venellope in Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph, and her 766k Instagram followers all think she’s hilarious. You may remember Paris Hilton from being-stinking-rich, the reality TV show The Simple Life, and being culturally relevant in the early 2000s. One of the things she’s well known for is her love of pets, particularly Chihuahuas. She once spent 25k on one pound of dog, and her pampered pup palace made it to #4 on our list of 5 of the world’s swankiest and most expensive doghouses. Nevertheless, she has good taste in delightfully adorable dogs, and her mutts…sorry, purebred babies, still manage to have more followers than Sarah Silverman, sliding in at 93.1k.


But she still ain’t got nothing on Paris’ pampered pups.


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