6 Things People Say to Staffordshire Bull Terrier Owners

What are the most common things people say to Staffordshire bull terrier owners? Snappy answers included!

The Staffordshire bull terrier isn’t a common breed in Canada. It’s a 19th century English breed, small in stature but sturdy and huge in heart. They’re known for being really smart and really good with kids. In fact, they’re often referred to as the “nanny dog”.

Originally, they were fighting and bear-baiting dogs, but those are no longer common practices. ‘Staffies’, as they’re affectionately known, look like tough little dogs and people often assume they’re vicious because of that.

As a staffy owner, here are the most common things I’m asked when I’m out with my dog.

1. What’s his name?

Okay, so you assume just because my dog looks tough that it’s male? Why? Is there some rule that only male dogs can look tough? Are her pink collar or lack of doggy-dinky not enough of a clue?

What are you asking my dog’s name for anyway? That’s creepy, man.

2. Why is your “pitty” so small?

Bro, this ain’t no “pitty”. This is a Staffordshire bull terrier and they typically are this size — 14-16 inches tall, weighing 24-38 pounds. In fact, my dog is probably on the larger end of the spectrum for the breed. Take your macho shit elsewhere!

3. Does your dog have “lock jaw”?

Nope. She was at the vet a couple months ago and got a clean bill of health. As far as I know, she hasn’t stepped on any rusty nails since then.

Oh, are you talking about the myth that bully breeds have some sort of mechanism enabling them to lock their jaws, making their mouths impossible to open? It’s true, my dog has strong jaws. I can lift her up while she has a stick in her mouth and she will keep holding on. It’s damn funny. My cousin’s Chihuahua mix would do the same thing.

4. Why is your dog so fat?

Excuse me? My dog has muscles, not fat. I hope someone says something rude about your kid!

5. Why does your dog make such weird noises?

Bully breeds have short snouts, making them more likely to snort. They’re also very vocal and it can often sound like they’re trying to speak.

6. Why is your dog so awesome?

I don’t know. Maybe because I’m awesome. Hang out with my dog and I for a bit and maybe you’ll become awesome too.

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6 Things People Say to Staffordshire Bull Terrier Owners

The Staffordshire bull terrier isn’t a common breed in Canada. It’s a...
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