5 Ways to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday/Adoption Day

A little dog celebrating with lots of birthday cookies

You say it’s your (dog’s) birthday? Here are five ways to spend your pup’s special day.

Happy birthday to pooch! Once a year (or maybe even twice a year if you know your pup’s birthday and adoption day) you get to go overboard with dog love and no one can judge you for it. People may give you side eye for your canine obsession the rest of the year, but you have carte blanche to celebrate as much as you/your dog can handle. What do we suggest you do?


Go for a walk on the beach together.


1. Go for a special walk or trip.

Your usual trip to the park may be perfect for the average day, but today is special! There are a few things you can do to make your walk(s) a little more interesting. A trip out of town is amazing if you can make it work, but it takes some planning and the right kind of transportation. Consider trails out of town or even nearby dog-friendly destinations.

If it’s nice out, see if there’s a dog-friendly beach in your area for a little water romp. Maybe it’s time to check out that big off-leash park in the city that you’ve been meaning to check out. Perhaps you can even go to your regular park, but just make sure that you go at a time when you know all your dog’s friends will be around.

Optional: Silly party hats for the dogs.


A ball is a classic dog gift.


2. Get your dog a present you know they’ll love.

Maybe you already spoil your dog, but you can always find a way to amp things up for your pup’s special day. Have you had your eye on something that feels a little indulgent? Now’s the time to splurge. Take your pup on a stroll to the pet store or do some online shopping together. Money can’t buy you love, so your gift doesn’t need to be pricey. A spot on the couch for a movie marathon, an extra long cuddle together in bed, or some dog-healthy scraps from your dinner are the greatest gifts of all!


Work that birthday hat, pup.


3. Take some special birthday/adoption day photos and share them.

If you’re into social media, you probably already have this down pat, but it’s nice to remember to commemorate your dog’s birthdays. Take a few snaps of your dog’s special moments during the day so you can be nostalgic in years to come. Whether it’s on social media or printed out into a special album, these photos will remind you of happy memories and show how your dog has grown throughout the years. Plus, if you share it online, your dog will get more birthday wishes.


How many birthday cookies can you fit in your mouth?


4. Give your dog an extra indulgent snack.

Birthday cake isn’t a healthy choice for dogs, but there are certainly ways to get a birthday treat for your pup. You can DIY a doggy cake, find a pup-pie or cookie with dog-friendly icing, or you can just dole out an extra treat or two while singing happy birthday to your beloved pooch. Really, the decoration is just for you. Your pup is just about the snacks.


Any celebration is mostly about love.


5. Spend lots and lots of quality time.

Gifts, spectacle, and indulgence are all well and good, but the best thing you can do to make your dog happy is just to spend a lot of time together. All your chores can take a back seat today, and there’s no need to go out for dinner or have drinks after work. Use all those extra minutes to play and give pets, ear scratches and tummy rubs. It will absolutely make your dog’s day.



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