5 Things You Do That Annoy Your Dog

Your dog may secretly hate you.

We love our dogs, and our dogs love us. But that doesn’t mean we don’t annoy them from time to time. Is there really such a thing as too much love?

Whether you are aware or not, you do get on your pup’s nerves. Here are five things you do that annoy your dog.

1. Face Grabbing

No one likes face grabbing. Remember that time Grandma pinched your cheeks and called you cute? Your dog sees you as the same strange looking lady with a fist full of lip flap. Parents who grab their dog’s face – which is probably all of us – are undeniably annoying in their pup’s eyes.

It’s so hard to resist the smoosh, but you must!

5 Things You Do That Annoy Your Dog

2. Constant Photographs

We all love taking photos of our dogs. I am personally guilty of hoarding thousands of dog photos on my laptop. They are our pride and joy! We probably spend the majority of our time photographing our dogs, rather than actually interacting with them.

Unfortunately, they do notice. Your dog is bothered by always having a phone in his face, and he often stops doing cute stuff when you pull it out. He wants you to pay attention to him, not the phone.

Just take photos of him sleeping instead! Win-win!

5 Things You Do That Annoy Your Dog

3. Trick Routine

The “trick routine” is great for training and maintaining tricks. However, it’s not something your dog should be expected to do every time he gets a treat.

By making your dog participate in the trick routine for treats, he may eventually become more disobedient when treats aren’t involved. Take it from someone whose dog refuses to do anything without reward. 

Give your dog love, and the occasional treat, but use the tricks sparingly.

5 Things You Do That Annoy Your Dog

4. Unnecessary Touching and Hugging

Dogs love snuggles and being close to their pup parents, but that doesn’t mean they want to be touched all the time. Dogs need their personal space too!

Hugging your dog can also cause anxiety, and some dogs perceive hugging as a threat. Understanding your dog’s comfort zone and boundaries is important for a healthy relationship!

5 Things You Do That Annoy Your Dog

5. Interrupted Sleep

If you don’t like being bothered while you’re sleeping, chances are your dog feels the same way.

Nobody likes having their nap ruined. Often times, your dog is sleeping because he’s tired, sore, or not feeling well. If you interrupt your dog’s sleep, you risk putting them in a bad mood, or interrupting the healing process.

Let sleeping dogs lie!

There may be other things you do that annoy your dog. Pay attention to his body language and attitude to make sure you guys are on the same page!

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